Steve Wins: Soccer Tips and Scores | Winning by Learning!

Soccer Tips and Scores | Winning by Learning!

17 Янв 2021 в 03:12am


There is a soccer betting wisdom that one key to achieving long term profit is in the bets that the punters leave out rather than the ones they punted on. This can be interpreted that if you miss a good bet, you do not lose any money. On the other hand, if you back a losing selection, you are definitely some dollars down.

I have the privilege to be acquainted with many of the purchasers of my book and the readers of my articles on ผลบอล Thai Soccer. These folks had discussed their punting problems and experiences with me, and they had very kindly allowed me to share these cases in this article. I have decided to highlight five of the cases and for a clearer understanding, they will be presented in the format of Question and Answer.

Tracking Odds Movement Before Betting

Movement of the price could be due to the latest team news which the bookmakers consider necessary to adjust the odds. It can also be that a large amount of money has been placed on one side of the market, for example, the Home team, and the bookmakers have to improve the odds of the Away team to entice the punters to bet on it so as to balance their books. In your case, you have to decide if the price of 1.90 is of value to you, and if it is, the market move should also have given you more confidence in your selection.

Is This a Realistic Long Term Plan?

Your plan is realistic but it will only work with discipline and patience especially in implementing money management rules on staking plan and staking size. A common mistake made by many punters is to start off by strictly following laid out rules but eventually succumbing to influences like greed and impatience. When the going is rosy, they tend to jump on the bandwagon and deviate from the pre-set guideline and double their stake. And when they are down, they will fall into the usual trap of chasing their losses. You mentioned you are wagering 2 - 5 bets a week. Do not make rash decisions just to meet the targeted bets. You need to have the patience to WAIT for the right bets which give you value.

Betting on Accumulators

If you can correctly forecast 80% - 90% of the games, then most of your selections are winning predictions. You should easily be making a consistent profit if you have betted them individually as Single Bets. When you lumped all of them together in a large accumulator, one upset result is all it takes to ruin it. You have to understand that in a match there are many unforeseeable circumstances like bad weather, red card, injuries, etc. The potential profits for large accumulators are substantially greater than for single bets, but the chances of winning are correspondingly smaller.

Looking at Bookmakers' Odds First

I agree with your best friend. Do not be tempted to look at the odds beforehand as it will influence your judgment and decision making. You have to first find a winning selection and work out your estimated odds. You will then check the bookmakers' prices and bet only if you find value.


I hope we have all learned something from the above punting cases. Teach yourself to be a winner and you will be a winner. Learning to win is a process. Do not be impatient and expect to make your fortune overnight, unless you know something which the majority of the punters do not Or you are exceptionally lucky. Do add this virtue called patience to your betting strategy. It works wonders.


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