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The Scandinavian countries Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden are the first countries to implement BIM in public projects. They have teamed up to form the non-profit organization BuildingSMART Nordic to promote a sustainable environment. In doing so, they rely on the careful exchange and transmission of information, taking into account international construction standards. And this is both in the private and public sector. Working with BIM has a number of far-reaching benefits. For each construction project, construction time and costs are reduced. Construction results are generally predictable and the risk of incorrect planning is minimized. Each new building is built powerfully and energy efficiently ,         thanks to which the environment is protected and operating costs are reduced. Since the use of the BIM method for new projects is mandatory, the benefits extend not only to individual projects, but also to buildings in the federal states. 


Many countries have already successfully implemented BIM. To see exactly how the BIM implementation looks here in Germany and elsewhere, we compared Denmark, the US, and Germany. 


Many European countries, such as Denmark as well as the UK, have been implementing large-scale projects using the digital planning method for several years. The reason for this is strong government funding in these countries. BIM has been mandatory for public projects in Denmark since 2007. Since 2011, the rules have been expanded. The use of the BIM method is mandatory for all regional projects with an investment volume above a certain one. Thanks to many years of experience, Denmark is one of the most developed countries in the field of construction digitization.     

United States

BIM was invented in the USA. It goes without saying that the use of the working method is the most progressive in our country. In the late 1990s, the American industry realized the importance of BIM in construction. As a result, the method of working in different states spread slowly. The slow spread is due to the experimental propensity of Americans. Since there are no uniform standards for BIM in the country, clients and contractors have different methodologies for each project. Inequality in standards means that faster solutions to problems can be implemented. First, BIM was tested on small projects to learn from it, and then applied to large projects.       

The Disney Concert Hall is considered a major US BIM pilot in 2003. Initial results were well below expectations, as the building could only have been opened with a 7-year delay and an additional cost of $ 174 million. They quickly learned from the mistakes because the US was able to firmly validate the method through optimization, and so today they can no longer do without BIM.  

BIM is an integral part of the US today. Large government customers have been requiring BIM for projects for several years. Private clients are also increasingly demanding the use of BIM in projects. This makes the US the largest BIM market today.   


The federal government also recognized the benefits of BIM, albeit rather late. She would like to rely more and more on the digital BIM planning method to minimize costs and risks. For this reason, a phased plan was adopted in 2015 to implement working methods for all transport and infrastructure projects. The step-by-step plan includes 3 stages. The first stage, preparatory, lasts from 2015 to 2017. At this stage, the first pilot projects using the BIM method were launched, training and professional development were funded, and an effective approach to planning, building and operating using BIM was determined. Since 2017, more pilot projects have been carried out systematically. The third phase will also be completed by the end of 2020 to allow widespread adoption.      

The National Center of Competence BIM was founded in order to bring together all the results and conclusions from various projects. It has been in effect since 2019 and aims to provide a unified and coordinated approach to the construction of infrastructure and buildings. In addition, the center's goal is to accelerate the digitization of the construction industry.  

In Germany, Deutsche Bahn has taken on a pioneering role in BIM. She has been doing digital planning since 2011, long before the step-by-step plan was implemented for the entire country. From 2020, all construction projects of Deutsche Bahn will be implemented using BIM. We have also already been able to implement a project with Deutsche Bahn We measured the ICE plant to create a digital twin of it. The entire project was planned using the BIM method.        


Building Information Modeling is not a new product that has only been around for a few years. Thanks to the continuous development of technology and collaboration, the planning method has been further developed and is now used in many areas. The development was influenced by many factors that make it difficult today to determine the exact time for the birth of BIM. It is this process that makes the story so exciting.   

Several countries have been successfully implementing BIM projects for years. Our comparison shows that Denmark and the United States are well advanced in BIM usage. They were able to gain a lot of experience and expand BIM adoption to other areas such as the private sector. In comparison, Germany is slightly behind. But here, too, the benefits of BIM were recognized. The implementation of BIM in transport and infrastructure projects is almost completed .     

We at are already BIM experts and have successfully completed many projects. Together with the digital twin, we offer the ideal solution for the visual use of building information. We also offer a variety of BIM training courses. Our training courses take place both in Hamburg and in a virtual environment with VR glasses. Of course, we are also available for a personal conversation and will support you in your BIM implementation. Let us advise you and request a free initial consultation here.     


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