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Which Cloud Storage Service to Consider in 2020?

16 Дек 2020 в 06:56am

Everyone holds a lot of data to back up on their devices. It is one essential step that you need to follow to avoid losing anything. Therefore, to do the same, picking up a cloud storage service is a crucial task.

Selecting the very best cloud storage service isn’t easy. There are a lot of questions to keep in mind. Are you looking forward to sharing those files or want to keep them private? Do you want to back up a few folders or the whole device? Your decision will depend upon the answers to these questions.

The best four cloud storage services you might want to consider for backing up your data are listed below. So, read along to learn more!

Google Drive

You must be familiar with one of the most popular cloud services, named Google Drive. Sure, it offers additional features for Android users, but you can’t deny that it is an amazing choice for everyone. The best part about using Google Drive is its free 15GB storage, while other services offer 10GB or 5GB. Additionally, if you want more storage space, you can get 100GB for $20 per year, 200GB for $30, and 2TB for $100.

Google Drive gets connected to Google Workspace apps; therefore, you can easily include Docs and Sheets in Gmail. If you don’t use Google apps, the Google Drive desktop app and its backup & sync feature can save the changes by default to any file type on your PC, Chromebook, or Mac.

There’s a lot more to mention about the impressive features offered by Google Drive, such as viewing your files offline using any device. Notably, as the policy for Google Photos will change in 2021, and it’ll no longer offer unlimited storage, Google Drive will have your back.

When you compare Google Drive with its competitors, you’ll notice that it doesn’t offer an option for lifetime payment. It is also very slow at syncing files as it re-downloads and reuploads each file after every change. However, services like Dropbox only syncs the changes made.

Microsoft OneDrive

For all the people who use Microsoft Office apps, OneDrive is the perfect fit for you. You can get 5GB free data for personal use, 100GB for $1.99 per month, or purchase 1TB for $70 per year. Additionally, you can also buy a family plan which includes 6TB for $100 per year.

Getting a Microsoft 365 plan will also get you many features, including automatic sync of your desktop files after any changes you make, uploading the mobile photos to the cloud, etc. Fortunately, the service works well with all the platforms; however, it’s particularly optimized for Windows 10 and Microsoft Office users.


Many people do not realize that even if they’ve found the ideal storage service to backup their TB of data, the network speed will become slow. If not that, the bandwidth will be affected for a month. Therefore, IDrive is a solution to the same. The service mails a physical external hard drive to you in the form of a blank HDD. Further, you’re supposed to copy your data to the same and mail it back to IDrive.

The service offers storage upgrades for your first year, but the standard fees you’ll be paying later is $70 per year for 2TB or $100 per year for 5TB. As the service aims at backing up all your data on multiple devices, it doesn’t offer cheaper plans with smaller storage options.

Additionally, IDrive has a file-sharing system and business accounts with standard encryption, but users prefer to choose end-to-end encryption with their accounts. You receive a key that is only used by you, so no one can access your data, not even the service. Therefore, if you lose the key, all the data will be gone.


Dropbox is another popular service used by many people for their business and personal storage. Its free service is inadequate and offers 2GB, along with a few features. However, you can buy an additional 2TB of space by paying $120 annually. Once you purchase a plan, Dropbox gives you many cloud benefits, including smart syncing, 30-days version history, password-protected docs, a Vault, offline access to data, and more.

One of the best functions offered by Dropbox is block syncing, which updates whatever changes you make to the saved files. Additionally, you can also integrate and edit OneDrive or Google Drive files within Dropbox by syncing your account.

Notably, Dropbox has a few setbacks, due to which Google Drive has become the primary choice of people. For instance, it is necessary to pay $204 per year to use the family access feature; however, Google enables you to split it amongst users.

Select the cloud storage service that fits you the best. Determine the data you want to back up and then pick up a service according to the same. Also, don’t forget to compare the amount you’ll be paying for different tiers.

Though there are more services that you can consider for backing up your data, the listed above are the best ones of them all.

Source: aka3office.com/which-cloud-storage-service-to-consider-in-2020/


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