olivia jones: Netflix Originals Anime That Deserves More Attention

Netflix Originals Anime That Deserves More Attention

26 Ноя 2020 в 06:37am

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In the last few years, the international viewership of anime has skyrocketed. They have become a prominent medium of entertainment. The popular streaming sites dedicated to anime have, therefore, lost their overall share of subscribers. It is not surprising that even the top streaming services have tried to make inroads into the anime industry. Netflix is one of the big names that has tried to do the same with an impressive library of movies and series. Today we look at the best Netflix Original anime that are worth watching.

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Great Pretender

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Great Pretender recounts the story of a group of swindlers who are responsible for several impressive heists. When a Japanese conman named Makoto Edamura tries to trick a French national and a thief, his life changes forever. Shortly after he is met with him, Makoto realizes that he has been dragged into a new scheme by his friend. Great Pretender is impressive because of its mind-boggling undercover operations that are inspired by some of the classic heist and spy films. Great Pretender’s absolutely masterful storytelling coupled with its breathtaking missions creates a captivating show overall that must not be missed. 

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The deuteragonists Kaiman and Nikaido are sorcerers’ hunters who are on a mission to find out the one responsible for changing the former. Dorohedoro introduces the viewers to a place called the Hole, where the non-magic users live, while there is the Sorcerer’s world where the magicians live. Both of these worlds are entirely different from one another. Kaiman, the amnesiac protagonist of the show, has no idea how he met Nikaido, and he does not know how he turned into a disfigured human with the head of a lizard. As they search for the Sorcerer responsible for Kaiman’s disfiguration, they are attacked by a group of sorcerers. Over the course of the season, many secrets about Kaiman’s past are revealed. 

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Dorohedoro’s unique take on suffering and its impressive characterization help it stand apart from other shows. The peculiar nature of the environment that they inhabit and the duality of the human and sorcerers’ world leave viewers wanting more. Its captivating storytelling is bound to make one go back to its several twists and turns, even months after one is done watching them.

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The titular character on Baki recounts his adventure to defeat the strongest creature in the world, Yujiro Hanma. Surprisingly, in the new arc, Baki is mostly absent from all the action, and the focus has been shifted to some of his allies, who are just as fun to watch. The show pits two fighters against one another who use all the martial art tricks they know to better their adversary. Although the show is impressive, its fight scenes become predictable after a few episodes. However, it would be a huge mistake to presume that the action is not as entertaining once it becomes predictable. Baki finds a way to remain an engaging experience for the viewers. So, if you love a martial arts series with a lot of action, Baki on Netflix might just be the right shoe for you.

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Beastars introduces us to a world where only two groups, namely herbivores and carnivores, exist. Most species have decided to work together and make a prosperous society. Although the consumption of meat is made illegal, the laws are broken sometimes. The carnivores are not allowed to attack herbivores in any case. A gray wolf named Legoshi confronts a dwarf rabbit known as Haru after an herbivore student is maimed at the school. The story takes the viewers on a journey of betrayal, identity, and romance as the world that the two groups have created comes crashing down. Beastars is a compelling show with an impressive world-building combined with masterful character development, which deserves much more attention than it gets.

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The shows listed above are indeed worth watching on Netflix. They have been carefully picked from a long list of exciting shows that all deserve to be watched.

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