Stephanie Ellison: How to Paint Cars in Watch Dogs Legion

How to Paint Cars in Watch Dogs Legion

11 Ноя 2020 в 07:41am

Watch Dogs Legion is a new action-adventure video game of Ubisoft that has been released lately. The game has already started acquiring the gamers' attention, thanks to its prequel Watch Dogs 2, which was an immense success. The game depicts the story of London, in the UK, which has entered the Dystopian era. The objective of the game is to save the city from increasingly occurring criminal activities. Specifically, gamers need a wide range of equipment and items to emerge victorious in Watch Dogs Legion. In this article, we are briefing cars, an important item in the game.

Furthermore, the game offers several customization options to gamers so that they alter the appearance of their ideal gadgets and equipment, such as weapons and vehicles. Below we have provided a proper workaround to obtain a car alongside customizing it in Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion: How to Paint Cars

First, gamers need to know that it is quite simple to attain a car in Watch Dogs Legion. The simplest way to get a car is to steal one. More importantly, gamers need to know that they need to switch their cars more frequently to avoid leaving a trail for the police to follow. Hence, players need to steal a different vehicle for every new journey.

Moreover, if any gamer connects with a stolen vehicle and cannot leave it, they can customize it. The ideal customization is painting the vehicle so that it becomes almost impossible for the police to identify that the car is the same as the missing vehicle.

Gamers can easily change the paint of their ideal vehicle by visiting the option of Team. Afterward, they must go to the option of Recruit with the vehicle, and then they need to tap on the Triangle button if they are using PS4. In contrast, the users of Xbox need to press Y while PC’s users have to tap on the E. The last option to choose is the color, and once gamers have successfully selected their preferred color, pressing the OK button will implement this change.


It is hard for the new gamers to do customization in Watch Dogs Legion, especially if they want to change their vehicle’s paint. If you are one of those gamers who want to change their cars’ color in Watch Dogs Legion, you should read the workaround available in this article.

Gamers can play  Watch Dogs Legion  on  PS4Xbox One , and  PC .



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