mohammad daniyal: Dog Behavior Series 9 - Why Do Dogs Growl?

Dog Behavior Series 9 - Why Do Dogs Growl?

9 Ноя 2020 в 09:34am

There are a wide number of reasons why your dog growls. Let's find out what the most common reasons are and what you need to understand in order to eliminate the problem.

So why do dogs growl?

Usually, a growl is a sign of pain, a sign of fear, or about communicating what a dog does not like. A growl is a threat that is hard-wired in humans, so it is reasonable that you feel concerned when you hear a dog growl. But a growl from a dog is a good thing because it is a non-aggressive form of communication. Your dog is trying to communicate with you the only way he knows how.

Whether your dog is growling at another dog or a person, it is simply a warning and not necessarily a bad thing. If a dog wanted to attack, he would. Growling is meant to avert aggression, not cause it. But people misunderstand, and punish their dogs for growling. A dog then learns that growling leads to punishment, and unfortunately, once his warning growl has been silenced, the dog is likely to bite with no warning. Growling is something dog owners should respect and appreciate rather than punish.

Now do you understand why a dog's growl is a good thing? Allow your dog to communicate then determine what is wrong. Now, is your dog growling because he is in pain? Is he fearful or anxious about a situation? Or is he just communicating to you that he doesn't like what is happening because it makes him feel insecure and uncomfortable?

Here are the top common reasons why dogs growl and what you can do for your dog by understanding what he is telling you.

One - Pain
Sometimes dogs growl to express pain due to an illness or an injury or in anticipation of pain from a recent trauma that you are not aware of. It is an instinctive behavior of domestic dogs to not show signs of pain. If your dog is growling frequently, don't ignore it. Your dog may have a sensitive area that hurts when touched.

Carefully inspect your dog's entire body and pay attention to his eyes. Squinting of the eyes or a physical flinch may be your only indication that your dog is hurting. Eyesight and hearing problems could be a cause as well because these issues can make your dog feel vulnerable. If your dog displays stiffness and a slowing of mobility, then your dog may feel the pain and discomfort of arthritis or other physical conditions.

If your dog is growling Dog Stroller any outward explanation as to why, then make an appointment with your vet to rule out any underlying medical reasons for your dog's behavior as soon as possible. Your dog may be suffering from one of the issues just discussed or there may be a problem with his thyroid, or there could also be brain tumors or other medical conditions that only a vet can determine.


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