mohammad daniyal: Sports Highlight Videos: The 10 Rules of the Game

Sports Highlight Videos: The 10 Rules of the Game

5 Ноя 2020 в 08:48am

An athletic scholarship can be a golden ticket to a college education. And a sports highlight or recruiting video showcasing your sporting prowess can make a differences to your chances for that scholarship. But not all sports highlight reels are created equal. So here are some tips to ensure that your game tape goes to the top of the

Most coaches agree that a student athlete wishing to succeed at the next level will need a recruiting video - or "sports highlight reel". A sports highlight video can be the crown to a successful high school career and the launching pad for college or college transfer.

But there is a world of difference between a must-watch reel that says "class" - and something with Sharpie scrawl that sits on coaches' desks unplayed. Keep in mind that people with high standards - like successful athletes - tend to have high standards in all they do. So, if you are an ambitious student athlete, here are the 10 must-do rules for your sports highlight video.

1. Keep it short

Busy coaches don't have time to wade through endless hours of sports footage hoping to spot that magic moment. So keep the video short. Three to five minutes should be plenty.

2. Put your best plays first

Don't rely on a coach watching through to the end (sorry). Start with your best play so they keep watching. If you have a killer spike play or a touchdown pass or reception (or a final buzzer 3-pointer) - start with that. You want to knock their socks off right out of the gate.

3. Don't waste time

When making the sports highlight DVD, make sure the actual video track of your plays starts immediately (this is called "first play" in the biz). Don't start with a menu. After the clips end, or when the coach presses the "menu" button, have the sports highlight video then go to a menu screen (and see #8 below).


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