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Various Game Boy Emulators for Android

3 Ноя 2020 в 05:14pm

If you want to enjoy some fantastic classical games that can even fit in your pocket, then you shall try Game Boy emulators. Well, I will not take much of your time in the intro, so let’s move to the main part. Here are the Game Boy emulators for Android.


ClassicBoy Gold

ClassicBoy is a pretty decent all-in-one emulator that has a lot of consoles, including Sega Genesis, PlayStation, NES, and of course, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, as well as Game Boy Advance. It works well and supports almost every game. Additionally, it offers load states, save states, an option for fast forward, cheat code support, and hardware controller support. ClassicBoy Gold can be played for free or purchased, but the free version offers you limited features. However, you can get the paid version for $5.99.


EmuBox is a newly launched all-in-one console emulator that works quite similar to ClassicBoy. Still, it supports different consoles, such as PlayStation, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Color, SNES, and Game Boy Advance. It boasts some usual features, including load and save states, support for cheat codes, along with fast forward support and hardware controller support. It is new but fantastic and available entirely for free with no in-app purchases, including some ads.


GBA.emu is another pretty decent Game Boy emulator that supports Game Boy Advance. GBA.emu offers many features, including BIOS emulation, quick saves, hardware controller support, and cheat code support. It runs quite smoothly and is compatible with most game ROMs. It even features cheat codes and cross-platform support. It is available for $4.99; the amount can be refunded within the refund time, so test it carefully, whether it works for you or not before the refund period ends.


GBC.emu is another fantastic Game Boy and GameBoy Color emulator available for Android. It is compatible with most games. It even supports Gameshark and Genie cheat codes, hardware controllers, and cross-platform with the PC version. This one is available for $2.99, but you can get the money back within the refund time if you don’t like it.


John GBAC has the functionality of John GBA and John GBC. It is undoubtedly an excellent emulator that features virtual and hardware controller support along with turbo buttons, SD card support, cheat codes, Dropbox, 0.25 slow down, and up to 16 times fast forward. It works with most ROMs and is available for free; you can even buy its paid version for $4.49 to offer you some extra features.

My Boy

My Boy is a very popular Game Boy Advance emulator that offers high compatibility and many features. They include fast forward and slow down modes, hardware controller support, cheat codes, and superior link support over WiFi or Bluetooth. It even offers some advanced features such as BIOS emulation, OpenGL rendering, rumble emulation. It is a great option available for $4.99; it provides a free version with some limitations.

These are all our picks for Game Boy emulators on Android; try a few of the titles mentioned in the list. You can also go for My OldBoy, Nostalgia.GBC, Pizza Boy GBA, and RetroArch. Enjoy!

Source: m7activate.co.uk/various-game-boy-emulators-for-android/


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