Bale: FIFA 19 gets its first title update 2

FIFA 19 gets its first title update 2

24 Окт 2018 в 06:40am

";Due to community feedback, we're planning on limiting changes to gameplay and just making targeted fixes to help keep the balance and feel with the game consistent basically we continue to Buy FIFA 19 Coins gather feedback from players," EA Sports said.

However, the update does generate a couple of crucial bug fixes. Have you noticed how your players will usually do a clumsy, weak side foot shot once you expect a laces shot? That was a bug, plus it's now been fixed:

Sometimes, if the player requests an everyday (laces) shot, they'll get an inside from the foot shot animation instead.

And you've got noticed an incorrect portion in the Champions League anthem plays during player lineups at the outset of a champions League match. That's been fixed, too.

All in all of the, a conservative offering from EA for FIFA 19's first big patch. I understand the spot that the developer is arriving from here - it doesn't need to make any knee-jerk changes to soon into the action's life, especially after negative feedback to patches to FIFA 18. I expect more meaningful changes - perhaps to FIFA 19 Coins your prevalence of overhead kicks - will include the next title update.

The patch notes completely are for the EA Sports website.



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