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How You Can Create Your Own T-Shirts

23 Окт 2020 в 05:09pm

Designing your personal T-shirts along with other apparel is really a fun process and could be really quite simple. The very first factor you should know is exactly what printing method you'll be using for the T-shirts. The 2nd factor you'll need may be the appropriate software. Like a artist, I recommend the Adobe software. For that methods outlined in the following paragraphs, you'll need Adobe Illustrator and svg cut files.

Transfers are a straightforward but cheap approach to T-shirt printing. It includes printing on the special piece of paper after which transferring the look to the t-shirt utilizing a flame like a house hold iron or T-shirt heat press. This process is affordable and also the transferred design won't stay very lengthy. What happens if you notice cracks and chips after only a couple of washes. The benefit of this process however is you can print color designs in raster format.

The best way of T-shirt printing is Silk Screening. Silk screening includes ink being pressed through templates known as screens and applied straight to the T-shirt. This method is performed once per color, therefore if your T-shirt has 3 colors, it has to go through 3 color screens.

Once every color happens to be screened on, the T-shirt goes through a stove of sorts in which the ink dries and becomes permanent. Since inks are applied individually, the silk screen process requires vector graphics having a pre-determined quantity of colors. Usually a maximum of 4 colors otherwise your T-shirt would take method to lengthy to create as well as your production costs would increase significantly. Silk screening can also be the best way for mass production since large printing companies have large silk screen machines that may produce many shirts in sequence.

As pointed out formerly, silk screen method requires vector graphics. To produce vector graphics, you'll need a vector imaging program for example Adobe Illustrator. The issue is, many designers choose to design in Adobe Illustrator instead of Illustrator, but Illustrator is really a raster imaging software, not vector.

Fortunately, there's a workaround. You are able to create your t-shirt in Illustrator in a high resolution, flatten your image, copy it into an Illustrator canvas after which make use of the Trace tool to transform the graphic into Vector. After that, you are able to separate your colors and reserve it inside a Vector format for example .AI or .EPS. The trace tool isn't perfect but works very well with this application.


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