olivia jones: Apple TV 6: Release Date, Specs, Price, and All We Know So Far

Apple TV 6: Release Date, Specs, Price, and All We Know So Far

21 Окт 2020 в 06:06pm

Apple TV is one of the best streaming media devices to date. According to reports and rumors, Apple would launch its next-generation Apple TV known as Apple TV 6 in the near future. It will feature powerful specifications, improved software, updated features, and the latest operating system. In this guide, we are about to reveal everything we know about this product so far.

Expected Launch Date for Apple TV 6

Many technology geeks and industry followers are predicting the launch date of Apple’s upcoming streaming box. Since Apple announced its fourth-generation Apple TV streaming box in September 2015, the 5th generation streaming box in 2017, it seems that Apple TV will launch in the 2020’s fall. Bear in mind that Apple hasn’t stated anything about the next-gen Apple TV yet. So, all we say about the launch date is just based on speculations.

Many enthusiasts and Apple followers have speculated that Apple TV 6 might launch in Apple’s October 2020 event. However, in Apple’s 2020 event, we even didn’t see any news regarding the product, let alone the launch.

So, the previous expectations about the launch date were entirely inaccurate. Therefore, we cannot trust the current rumors about the expected launch. Many users are predicting that Apple might hold an event in the upcoming November month to release the Apple TV 6.

Price Expectations for Apple TV 6

As Apple hasn’t uncovered anything, including the price, users are speculating the possible MRP of the product. Users are claiming that the price might start from 100 USD. They have compared the price with Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast, and other streaming media devices. No doubt that Apple TV is the most expensive streaming device amongst them. If the next-gen Apple streaming device comes in different features and sizes, we can expect its price starting from 100 USD. The price seems quite reasonable compared with older models.

Pre-order Details

 There is no official or even casual information regarding the pre-order facilities of the product. Apple is trying to keep the information secret to surprise its fans.

Other Information Regarding the Product

 Recently, Apple launched the tvOS 14.0.2 software update for its existing Apple TV streaming boxes. It might be possible that Apple TV 6 will feature tvOS 14.0.2 by default.

Expected Improvements & Features

Whereas we don’t have any authentic reports, we still have some leaks and rumors regarding the upcoming product.

As per several reports, the all-new Apple TV 6 might introduce several upgrades, such as improved Siri, better performance, various models, redesign remote and an ultra-wideband base station. This is all we know about the features of the anticipating product.

So, this was a simple guide regarding the anticipated Apple TV 6. We just have to wait and see what Apple has in store for us.

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