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How to Use the App Library on Your iPhone?

20 Окт 2020 в 05:36pm

Apple provides a new feature for keeping all the apps in a separate place with the App Library. It’s one of the interesting features provided in iOS 14 running devices. It can be easily accessed on an iOS device. The App Library enables the users to organize the apps into categories in one place that allow them to get rid of multiple pages.

In-App Library, all your apps are organized into auto-created sections or categories that are easily accessible directly from your device. Users can make relevant customizations for newly downloaded apps and programs to drop them into the App Library. Let’s check out how to set up and use the App Library directly on your device:

Locating App Library

Apple provides an easy way to locate the App Library on your iPhone. In order to do the same, follow these straightforward steps:

  • At the start, you have to swipe your iPhone’s screen towards the left-hand side to reach the last page of widgets and apps.

  • Once you reach the page that you desire to access, then perform swiping once or multiple times.

  • Now, you will be able to see the App Library directly on your device. The Library might look full of pre-created apps sections or categories such as Games or Productivity. You will also see a separate downloading section in which you find all the recently downloaded apps and programs. The page also provides apps as suggestions.

  • Once you have reached the App Library, you can easily open apps by navigating to a specific category. You may also expand the categories section to view all of the apps located within.

Adding the App to the App Library

While all your apps and widgets are, by default, present in the App library, if you need to add a particular app to the Library, then you can do so easily. This way, you can also make the app appear only in the Library instead of the iPhone’s Home Screen.

Pursue these steps to add an app to your App Library:

  • At the start, tap on an app for a while to launch the context menu.

  • After that, hit the Remove App option directly from your context menu.

  • Then, press the option “Add to Library.”

How to Set App Downloads to Only Display in the App Library

Here is how to make modifications in the settings to set the App Downloads section to only appear in your App Library:

  • In the beginning, launch the Settings page on your device.

  • Then, hit the tab “Home Screens.”

  • After that, press the option “App Library Only” to keep all the downloaded apps only in the App Library instead of the Home screen.

  • Then, tap the option “Show in App Library” on/off toggle to enable or disable the notification badges to prompt up in your App Library.

Opening Apps from Categories in App Library

Here is how to open an app from several sections from App Library:

  • Firstly, hit the option “App Library.”

  • Then, click anyone among the bigger icons from any particular app category if it’s the app you desire to launch.

  • Hit the option “Smaller icons” to launch the specific category.

  • Locate and hit the particular app you wish to launch.

Hiding Home Screen Page

Here are the instructions to know how to hide the Home screen page on your iPhone:

  • First of all, you have to hold your finger on the blank spot on any home screen page. It can be used to trigger the jiggle mode.

  • Hit the dots series located at the lowermost section of your Home Screen page. These dotted icons represent the total number of home screen panels that your system has.

  • Now, you have to unmark the particular Home Screen page you desire to hide.

Un-hiding Home Screen Page

Pursue the below-written steps to unhide a specific Home Screen Page:

  • At the start, tap the blank area over your Home screen page to trigger jiggle mode.

  • Then, press the dotted series located at the lowermost portion of your device’s home screen page.

  • Now, unmark the “Home Screen Page” box you desire to unhide.

  • At last, reboot the device and make sure that the process is successful.


App Library is among the useful and trendy tools to organize and customize all your iPhone apps with ease. It enables the user to organize and manage all the apps in one place. The app library uses separate sections to store all the apps through automatically generated categories. Users can easily customize the apps management settings to get all the newly downloaded apps into the App Library.

Source: v2norton.com/how-to-use-the-app-library-on-your-iphone/


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