jasmyn: Path of Exile is improving the gaming experience for all players

Path of Exile is improving the gaming experience for all players

19 Окт 2020 в 05:52am

The "Grinding Gear" game continues to improve the existing things in the game. When an error occurred, Grinding Gear Games accidentally prevented them from getting revenue from the console, and this error would crash the client when the player visited the microtransaction store. Patch 1.63 and many other issues have corrected this problem. Players can have more fun and have a chance to get more POE Currency.

Following the usual release sequence, the game team will first release the patch on the PC and then on the console. POE officials assured players that the Heist League improvements in this patch are very rich. There is a wide range from fixing errors to making other adjustments.

They enabled the quest line to the leader of slave merchants, Freidrich Tarollo, and expanded the range that players can leave before their rogue alliance is interrupted by work. Players can now place "Unique Contracts" in the "Unique Collection" tab. The passive tree window will now be in the same position when it was reopened the last time it was closed. Replacement quality gems have also been improved and repaired. For example, gems that match the bonus granted by the alternate quality can support these gems.

Another focus is to improve the Heist experience for all exiles. For example, the "Heist Target" blueprint will now generate one to three item levels than the area level. Some looting monsters can use their skills by closing the door, but this is no longer the case. In addition, if the player uses the league interface hotkey, Tibbs and Niles will not get stuck on the locked robbery chest that is opened.

The addition of this patch makes the game journey of Path of Exile players more colorful. If they can Buy Exalted Orb, then the whole robbery will proceed smoothly.


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