hydro pump: Enlarge your penis: myths and realities

Enlarge your penis: myths and realities

18 Окт 2020 в 03:48am

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Are there real solutions to enlarge the penis?


The key points

  • There are different tactics to enlarge the penis such as taking pills, penile exercises like "jelqing", vacuum pump and other devices called "penis stretchers" ...

  • Different methods of penis enlargement are put forward, although they have not been approved by science.

  • Surgery can widen the size of the penis soft or erect, from one to two centimeters depending on the case.

Penis enlargement: what works

Surgery can lead to results in penis enlargement. However, the surgeon will give you psychological and psychosexological tests before agreeing to take care of you. These tests are essential to define your motivations and rule out any diagnosis of dysmorphophobia or manicism.

It is important to note that surgical operations also present some risks. Ehud Arye Laniado, a famous diamond trader, died of a heart attack during his penis enlargement operation in Paris.


This is an operation performed on the penis with the aim of widening its circumference. This technique consists of incising the surface of cavernous bodies in their entire length to place a venous patch (small vein tip) whichallows to increase the diameter of the erect penis by about one to two centimeters.

What are the contraindications of penoplasty?

Penoplasty is contraadicated in patients whose psychological and psychosexological tests have revealed dysmorphophobia or manicity.

What are the possible risks and side effects of penoplasty?

  • Hematomas in the penis.

  • Unsightly results such as malformation and scarring.

  • It's an infection.

  • Small fat cysts.

  • Sexual dysfunction.

  • The effects of anesthesia (heart attack, pneumonia, stroke).


Some patients use the injection of fat (usually previously taken from the buttocks by liposuction) into the penis. However, the results of this surgery are disappointing as only 30% of the injected fat remains present in sex after one year. In addition, the shape of the penis may become deformed due to the overlay or disappearance of injected fats.

The Jelqing

This is an exercise that involves repeatedly pulling on the soft penis. This action would promote blood circulation in the cavernous bodies of the penis. Although it seems effective to some, there is currently no scientific evidence of its effectiveness. In addition, this practice can be dangerous if not done properly. Indeed, jelqing can cause pain, bruising and other damage that can, in some cases, lead to erect erectil disorders.

Kegel exercises

While Kegel exercises are sometimes presented as a way to enlarge or stretch the penis, they are actually aimed at strengthening and toning the pelvic area.

These exercises are sometimes indicated against erect erectil disorders because they would improve the control and duration of the erection. However, no studies have proven the benefits of Kegel exercises with regard to penis enlargement.

Penis Weight

This technique requires attaching weights or a pull device to the penis at rest in order to stretch it. This practice has not been scientifically proven regarding penis enlargement and it can be dangerous for your health. This method is not recommended.

Penis pump

The use of penis pumps (or vacuum pumps) involves placing the penis in a tube and then pumping air out of the tube. This action would attract blood into the penis and thus make it swell. This method has so far not proven its effectiveness.

Penis extenders

Penis extenders such as quick extender pro could increase the size of the soft penis by less than 2 cm and depending on the case. However, no increase in size is observed on the erect penis. Although patient satisfaction remains moderate, this practice may eventually be recommended as a first-line, in order to avoid surgery.

Taking and injecting chemicals

Some fraudulent sites sell the merits of pills that would allow enlargement and/or enlargement of the penis. However, no scientific studies have proven the efficacy or clinical benefits of this type of product. The components of these products can even be dangerous to health.

It should be noted that the intake of androgens (steroid hormone) is not effective, regardless of its dose. Also be aware that injecting products to enlarge the penis is not recommended,due to the risk of various complications. For example, a patient injected Vaseline directly into the urethra, resulting in bacterial overinfection, paraffinomas (inflammatory lesions due to the presence of paraffin oil in the tissues) and fistulas with purulent discharge.

Can the penis be enlarged naturally?

No, it is not possible to enlarge the penis naturally. Whether it is natural aphrodisiacs or penile massages, no scientific evidence has been reported. So you can't be sure of their effectiveness or safety.

Tips for the penis to look bigger

Surgery is not necessary to make the penis appear larger. Indeed, there are various tricks that can make the penis appear bigger or larger. Like what:

  • Cutting shorter pubic hair will allow the penis to look larger;

  • In case of overweight, losing fat, especially in the lower abdomen, can enlarge the penis by optical effect.

Why enlarge his penis?

On the internet, the testimonies of men complicated by the size of their sex are not uncommon. Some say they feel a lack of virility, others worry about not satisfying their partners.

More broadly, anxiety related to sexual performance is widespread - especially among young men - and can cause psychological consequences that can in some cases lead to sexual disorders, such as recurrent erection breakdowns.

An anxiety often reinforced by the standards conveyed in the media and by certain preconceived ideas that combine big penises and sexual pleasure. But does size really matter? More than half (55%) men interviewed in our survey on sexual complexes feel insecure about their penises. Yet only 9% of women and 12% of men say they value their partner's genitals.

Whether it is the result of a slight manicity or dysmorphophobia (a disorder characterized by the fear of an imaginary defect of physical appearance), the penis complex is therefore very common and various brands use this insecurity to market dubious products, supposed to increase the size of the penis.

In the majority of cases, however, this complex would be unjustified: while the average size of the erect penis is estimated at 13.12 cm, the average ideal size given by the men interviewed in another of our surveys would be 16.6 cm. Men's expectations do not always correspond to reality.


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