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17 Окт 2020 в 08:41pm

The booklet is the most effective type of advertising printing, which at the moment is widely used. We give the definition: a booklet is an edition printed on a sheet of A-3 or A-4 format and folded one or several times. The popularity of booklets is explained by the obvious benefits of this type of printed product. First of all, low cost on the background of high informativeness of booklets. Secondly, in comparison with the advertising leaflet, the text is placed on the booklet is more structured, which facilitates the perception of the volume of information by consumers (should be noted that the advertising buklet capi  booklets will be answered accordingly. In the third, the booklets are more compact and together with the theme look more solid, without leaving any feeling of imperfection, which may appear after acquaintance with the advertising leaflet.


Today, one of the most effective low-cost advertising media available to anyone is business cards. Yes, don't be surprised! Along with the information function business vizitka capi also perform advertising. In the 21st century, business cards are an important modern attribute of any person. A business card is not an ordinary rectangle made of coated paper, on which the surname, name, contacts and other information of the owner are indicated.


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