Narmin: the pastry

the pastry

17 Окт 2020 в 08:40pm

Like bees collect honey, we have collected the sweetest of the sweetest and created our own wonderful honeycomb. Made from a unique jam of orange, mango and carrot. Enriched with crème fraîche and an exciting combination of nuts and caramel, all on a light sponge base.

Roses speak of love in a language that can only be heard by the heart. Show your loved ones your appreciation with these beautiful and delicious roses, made from luxurious crème brûlée, enriched with raspberry jelly and raspberry mousse and a delicious lychee mousse. All on a delicious biscuit base.

“The surface of things gives pleasure, the innermost gives life”, - Piet Mondrian.

His unique, artistic creation is reflected in our seductive mix of milk and dark chocolate, cremeux and a touch of his modernist adventure with chocolate mousse on a bed of delicious biscuit. Most delicious chocolate cake!

These exceptional cakes perfectly show what we mean by what a cake really is. They are the successful result of an artistic collaboration between designers and pastry chefs, verjaardagstaart using the latest 21st century technology. These are truly the cakes of the future available today.


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