Bale: Many coaches will not be able to play FIFA Online 3 after Roster Update

Many coaches will not be able to play FIFA Online 3 after Roster Update

16 Окт 2018 в 09:50am

Roster Update FIFA Online 3 is coming very close and the waiting time is only in day. While coaches are paying close attention to the details of FIFA 19 Coins new players, new gameplay is another matter that is important but overlooked: Hardware issues. According to the latest Gcafe software, managers who are currently using Windows XP Service Pack 2 or below will not be able to access the game from the time of the update.

This is also very easy to understand because the New Impact Engine provides a much better graphics platform and comes with beauty that is also required configuration changes. Although both FIFA Online 3 Korea and FIFA Online 3 Vietnam have not announced the minimum configuration of FIFA Online 3 new version, but most gamers in the experience feel the game has a few parts. heavier. And the Windows XP operating system from SP2 and below will no longer meet the requirements of the Cheap FUT 19 Coins game.

In fact, Windows XP SP2 or below is considered "antiquated" because not many desktop or laptop PC managers are using the OS. However, there are some net shops that use Window XP SP2 for gamers, so net owners need to replace the OS if they do not want to lose a large number of visitors from FIFA Online 3.


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