Tran Cong: Cool with tapioca flour, for this too watch out for heat stroke, diabetes

Cool with tapioca flour, for this too watch out for heat stroke, diabetes

16 Окт 2020 в 01:25pm

Cassava flour helps to cool off very well in hot summer days. But if misused or used in the wrong way, this food will be counterproductive, even causing a heat stroke, diabetes.

Cassava flour can be counterproductive "cooling" for unexpected reasons
Being sent by her mother-in-law to weighing tapioca flour marinated with pomelo flowers, she herself, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang (Hoang Mai District, Hanoi) was very happy. You need to see more documentation: sugar balance

Not that her son often has rashes, and her husband often suffers from a fever, so Hang wants to let her husband and children drink tapioca flour to cool off. However, she did not dare to buy outside because she was afraid "Cassava flour floating in the market does not know any sugar, but the most afraid stage of making poorly hygienic and impurities".


She received tapioca powder sent by her mother-in-law, and she prepared it for her children to drink every day. To "lure" her to drink, she added a lot of sugar to sweeten her. I did not expect that after two weeks of drinking tapioca, the child showed uneasiness, irritability as if it was hot inside.

“Stop drinking tapioca, you won't have that anymore. I do not understand why drinking cassava powder to cool down but the child has such a hot expression? ”, Ms. Hang wondered.

Cassava flour
Tapioca is a refreshing drink when summer comes. However, if you do not know how to use it correctly, it will backfire.
The hot weather makes people tend to find cool foods. In particular, using tapioca "cooling", preventing pimples, rash, cooling chestnut skin is a popular choice in families. However, not everyone knows how to use this drink properly.

Talk to PV Em Dep, TS. Ho Thu Mai, Department of Nutrition, Vinmec Hospital affirms that tapioca has strong welding and cooling properties. "But if you regularly drink cassava flour for too much sugar, the same amount of sugar will cause the tapioca to be counterproductive, causing heat stroke, the risk of obesity, diabetes", PhD. Ho Thu Mai explained.

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Points face easy mistakes when drinking tapioca
According to TS. Ho Thu Mai, cassava is an easy drink to drink but not easy to drink. There are a number of mistakes that many people easily make when drinking cassava flour.

In addition to the mistake of giving too much sugar, there must be the habit of drinking raw cassava flour because drinking like this will take advantage of the coolness of tapioca.

"Cassava flour is often processed by hand. Therefore, in the starch filtration process, it may not be possible to filter out all impurities, contaminated tapioca starch. To prevent the risk of abdominal pain, diarrhea, it is best to mix tapioca with boiling water to cook tapioca flour, not mixed with cold water ”, TS. Ho Thu Mai recommended.

Cassava flour
Tapioca should be mixed with boiling water or cooked when eating and eating with a moderate dose. Meanwhile, tapioca will promote cooling effects. Illustration.

Some people believe that drinking more tapioca flour, the more effective heat cooling in the hot season without knowing this is a wrong thing.

TS. Ho Thu Mai advises: “Do not drink more than 1 cup / day and only add a little sugar. For pregnant women, if the body gets hot this is a good cooling drink. But if the pregnant woman feels tired, has a passive pregnancy, it is absolutely not recommended to drink it because the coldness of the cassava makes the pregnant woman more tired, increasing the contraction of the uterus ".

There are many people who think that tea cooked from tapioca can "eat except rice", especially on hot summer days. TS. Ho Thu Mai expressed that tapioca should not be the main dish in the summer.

Because although it has good heat dissipation, in terms of nutrition, tapioca has very little energy. In 100g of tapioca, protein accounts for 0.7 g; glucide 84.3 g; calcium 18 mg; iron 1.5 mg. The nutritional content is low, so the dishes from tapioca are just "eat more", "eat play". Especially for young children, tapioca can not be substituted for children's main meals.

“Mothers should only feed their children tapioca when they are over 6 months old. It is possible to process a variety of foods for children such as cooking tapioca with young corn tea, green beans, black beans, which are cool and easy to digest. Do not feed when hungry because it can cause "drunk" syndrome, TS. Mai stressed.


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