Tran Cong: Blockchain technology in the military: American, Russian and Chinese races

Blockchain technology in the military: American, Russian and Chinese races

15 Окт 2020 в 04:50pm

Several defense agencies and armed forces around the globe are starting to consider the potential of blockchain technology in the military.

Blockchain technology in the military

Military forces around the world are always researching the most advanced things to compete with each other. And blockchain is a very prominent technology today because of their decentralized consensus and anonymity.

NATO has been studying blockchain use cases in logistics and military equipment, and has looked at how blockchain can be combined with the IoT.

So far, the US, Russia, and China have expressed an interest in researching and using blockchain for military, defense, and cybersecurity purposes.


The military department is changing

In the US, military organizations have been paying attention to blockchain technology for the past time. The Defense Authorization Act of 2018, Section 1646 calls for the evaluation of blockchain uses in the military, such as military labor. I believe this site can give you more knowledge: Bitcoin exchange.

The US Naval Air Systems Command said it is researching blockchain to maintain safety on aviation parts. This can help reduce the costs of operating and maintaining military aircraft.

Others claim that blockchain technology could be deployed by the Department of Defense to manage a nearly $ 100 billion arsenal.

The Office of the US Government Office's 2015 report addresses the current problems with the Department of Defense supplies and tracking system. Meanwhile, blockchain has partly helped solve similar problems in non-military sectors like the palm oil industry.

Besides the US, Russian military agencies are also exploring use cases of blockchain technology in the military.

Some Russian sources have reported on the setting up of a military research laboratory in Russia. This laboratory specializes in researching how to apply blockchain to detect and respond to attacks on the network.

In August, the Russian news agency TASS reported how blockchain's penetration into the Russian Defense Ministry would have been if the ministry quickly introduced encryption algorithms into the international standard of blockchain.

The rise of blockchain in China

China is famous for the 'Blockchain is good and Bitcoin is bad' attitude. The government has done its best to curb the crypto market, despite maintaining an upbeat attitude towards blockchain.

There aren't many official documents about blockchain studies by the Chinese military agency, but several articles have pointed out why China should pay attention to the technology.

An article written in 2016 supports Chinese defense and security agencies using blockchain in the military. Specifically, apply to tasks such as storing weapon life cycle information and improving overall logistics.

The author of the aforementioned article Dr. Zhu Qichao is the Director of National Defense Technology University. He is also a colonel in the People's Liberation Army of China.

In a RealClear Defense post, Wilson VornDick sheds light on the possibility of using blockchain in China: ensuring a transparent source of public opinion, avoiding information harm.

He also paid special attention to "public opinion war" - one of China's three national warfare strategies (public war, legal war and psychological war).

Another article written in 2017 in the PLA Daily also suggested blockchain should be used in the fields related to public opinion war.


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