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Top 5 Car Insurance Apps for Android

13 Окт 2020 в 11:16pm

Car insurance is a crucial thing, and in the US, it is necessary to have insurance for your car. It is a punishable offense, and you will have to pay if you don’t have car insurance. But, the government has made some changes, and now it is not necessary to carry a hard copy all the time with you except in New Mexico, a soft copy would be enough. Additionally, car insurance can be beneficial for you, in case someone steals your car, or unfortunately, you meet with an accident, in this case, you can claim the insurance company for the recovery of your loss. So, here are the top 5 car insurance apps available for Android.

Allstate Mobile

Allstate Mobile is quite a very popular car insurance app that allows you to do almost all the necessary things that you require for car insurance. For example, pay bills, submit claims via the app’s QuickFoto Claim system, get roadside assistance, find an agent, and many more things. The app even offers you a gas station finder and a parking locator. You can also view all your documents on the app if you need it. It is a little bit buggy; otherwise, the app is really great and entirely available for free to use.

Esurance Mobile

Esurance Mobile is another pretty decent car insurance app that you can use to pay your bills and view all your documents. The app even offers you a variety of other features including roadside assistance, a feature to file claims, quick views of your policy information, tools to update the payment methods, and many more. The app even sends photos for claims. This one is also a little bit buggy; however, the app works well and is entirely available for free to use.

Geico Mobile

You can use the Geico Mobile app to do various basic stuff such as pay your bills, get access to roadside assistance, view your documents, make edits to your policy, file claims, and many more. It even offers you a chat option for customer service in case you need any assistance. The app also contains Material Design and a straightforward user interface. There are a few bugs on the app, otherwise, it works well, and you can use it entirely for free.


The Progressive is quite a solid car insurance app that you can use to do a variety of things including paying bills, viewing your documents, editing your policy, getting access to roadside assistance, and much more stuff. The app even lets you manage your other Progressive insurance accounts such as renter’s insurance and also offers you customer service. The Progressive app is a pretty decent app with a user-friendly interface, and you can do all the basic stuff here very easily, this one is also available entirely for free to use.

State Farm Pocket Agent

State Farm Pocket Agent contains Material Design and is quite an attractive app. The app features all the basic features, and you can easily use it to do a variety of stuff such as filing claims, paying your bills, getting access to roadside assistance, viewing your documents, and many more. The app is pretty simple, and you can even use it to manage condo owner’s insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance, renter’s insurance, and many more. The app even offers you some banking services and various other useful features. The State Farm Pocket Agent app is a little bit heavier, but it works pretty well, and you can use it entirely for free.

So, these are all car insurance apps that we would like to recommend to you. We are recommending all the above-mentioned apps on the basis of their performances; they all work really great. However, we are not sure about their services because every person has a different perspective on quality, so before you buy any insurance from any of the apps mentioned in this article; please check all the terms and conditions carefully. Thank you!

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