Carl Smith: Ways to Play Games on an Old Low-End PC

Ways to Play Games on an Old Low-End PC

11 Окт 2018 в 04:39pm

You love to play games but unfortunately, have a low spec PC in your hands? Don’t worry; there are ways to tweak the settings so that you can play modern games on your old and crappy device. There are ways to maximize a game’s frames per second rate while playing on an outdated computer. Although there is not a great way to guarantee flawless performance without upgrading your system with the help of these tricks: 

Restart your computer– The old turn it off and on is not the answer to all the problems but it will certainly reset the computer’s RAM cache. It can cause performance issues. Now restarting your computer when it has been on for several days is helpful for the speed of your computer and is good for its overall health too.

Close the background programs before the gaming– Anything running in the background will detract from the amount of amount of RAM and the processing speed that your system can dedicate to your game. This is not a huge deal if you simply have Minesweeper or Tetris minimized while you are playing the game. Having multiple programs open at one time will certainly impact your games frame rates, especially on the low-end game.

  • It is possible to close background apps and processes on Windows by entering Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Lick the program in the window that pops up click End Task.

  • By pressing Command+Option+Esc, you can close background apps and process on Mac. Click a program in the window that pops up. Now Click Force Quit.

Resist from updating your computer’s operating system– If your system is outdated to the point that it is not able to run your games well then updating to latest version of MacOS or Windows isn’t going to fix games performance. It can cause more problems because your computer’s processor and RAM will have to dedicate more power to sustain the operating system.

Update the game in question- If you are facing problems with a specific game especially if it is a new game that has just released. Check to see if there is any recommended patch or update for the game. At times, PC games are launched with locked frame rates or other bugs that resist the game from reaching an acceptable FPS speed.

You should always keep your games up to date since developers will sometimes release periodic performance improvements.

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