Bale: VED to teach FIFA Online 3 at 80 universities in Vietnam? 3

VED to teach FIFA Online 3 at 80 universities in Vietnam? 3

11 Окт 2018 в 08:41am

FIFA Online 3 in Vietnam has become an e-sports game. Although the game still has a lot of elements of online games such as plow hoe, load cards to Buy FIFA 19 Coins strengthen the team but the level of qualification is still top priority.

In domestic and international tournaments, when money is eliminated, gamers can only show off their skills and tactics through a self-selected lineup with players with almost similar. Even in regular matches, you may not have a strong squad but you can win. The level of qualification has turned into an attraction for gamers who love football in FIFA 19 Coins for sale general to an eSports game like FIFA Online 3.

Currently, VED continuously recruits students and links with universities across the country and we hope this NPH effort will bring a new look to gamers as well as eSports in the near future. .


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