Mill: The report on FIFA 19 Player Career traits

The report on FIFA 19 Player Career traits

11 Окт 2018 в 06:10am


        Removed the next traits from the listing of Player Career traits because they no longer had an in-game function:
            Driven Pass
            Acrobatic Clearance
            Diving Header
            Fancy Flicks
            GK Up For Corners
        In Player Career, some incorrect Accomplishments were displaying after playing the 1st match of your respective career.
        Certain player swap transfers were denial due to incorrect budget calculations.
        The Block Offers option wasn't appearing in common situations.
        News has not been properly displaying every time a player is acquired in the transfer that included a new player swap.
        News articles for Player Of The Month Awards were displaying a bad month.
        Visual customizations to Alex Hunter and Danny Williams are not being properly displayed during negotiation scenes in Career Mode.
        Petr Cech was wearing his Cheap FUT 19 Coins helmet during negotiation scenes, we currently found him a tie instead.

    Kick Off:

    Addressed this issues:

        Stability issue in the Team Management screens when playing in Arabic.
        Sometimes, when creating a mmoah complicated group of squad alterations in the Team Management screens, an incorrect players were get substituted off.


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