olivia jones: Baldur’s Gate 3: Conflict Between Mind Flayers and Githyanki to Play a Big Part in the Latest Game

Baldur’s Gate 3: Conflict Between Mind Flayers and Githyanki to Play a Big Part in the Latest Game

7 Окт 2020 в 08:04am

Developed and published by Larian Studios, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a role-playing game that is all set to be released for Stadia and Microsoft Windows in October 2020. The tabletop role-playing system of the Dungeons & Dragons is used in all of the Baldur’s Gate Series so far, and the upcoming game is its third main game. The possibility of confronting Githyanki has increased manifolds because of significant changes that have been introduced in The Forgotten Realms Campaign. The trailers that have been released so far have established that after Mind Flayers, Githyanki will be a second major antagonist in Baldur’s Gate 3.

 Living on the Astral Plane, Githyanki is a race of humanoids who once used to be the slaves of Mind Flayers. But they were successfully able to revolt against them and built a society for their people. They then went on to create a militaristic society, closed off from the outer world with a xenophobic outlook, on the Astral plane they also had many cities built especially for the comfort of their kind. Although there was nothing good in their subjugation, their race did learn psychic abilities which gave them an edge over others. 

 Githyanki were also able to put several dragons under their control after they made a deal with the evil goddess of dragons, Tiamat. Their newly learned abilities, along with other factors, allowed them to go on raids and enter the Prime Material Plane. In pursuit of treasure, they overran all of the D&;D campaign worlds. Irrespective of their reputation, it is hard to deny the role that they played in safeguarding the Prime Material Plane. Even though they hate Mind Flayers, there isn’t much they can do, and their armies probably are the only reason holding them back. The trailer makes it very clear how dangerous and scary Mind Flayers can be, and if Githyanki is not there, they might have a much more significant influence and power. 

 If we talk about the origins of Githyanki, we might have to go back to a time earlier than Dungeon and Dragons, since the idea of Githyanki is stolen from one of George R. R. Martin’s book. The Githyanki are mentioned in Martin’s novel Dying of the Light. Years after they began an integral part of D&;D, George did get to know about them; however he never created any fuss over the name. 

 It is reported that Githyanki will play a considerable role in Baldur’s Gate 3. The developers have allowed the players to create Githyanki characters now, and they can even have them stuck in the Prime Material Plane while the protagonist starts the game on a Mind Flayer ship. The games start with an attack on the city of Baldur’s Gate by a Mind Flayer ship that is trying to kidnap its citizens to create more monsters. However, the Gityanki Dragon Riders attack the ships and thwart all of their plans. It’s quite apparent now that the Gityanki and Mind Flayer conflict is going to play a significant role in the game. The players, however, have the choice to become an active part of this conflict by becoming a Githyanki.  

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