sakshi : Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the work place

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the work place

28 Сен 2020 в 02:29pm

Sexual harassment at a workplace is considered violation of women's right to equality, life and liberty.People just need to improve their understanding about sexual harassment and prevent it accordingly.Staff should also be informed of the best way of handling aggression by means of guidelines and staff development programs on sexual harassment at work.

1. Develop awareness and interpretational skills regarding verbal and nonverbal communication with members of opposite gender.

2. Understanding of conventional gender-based power disparities.

3. Create better understanding about fresh business etiquettes based on concepts of equality.

4. Recognize the impacts of gender differences during interaction.

5. Identify the impact of gender based disparities during non-verbal communication.

6. Identify and practice effective methods of preventing sexual harassment.

7. Practice effective conflict management and behavioral modifications.

8. Develop an anti-harassment policy collectively with employees, managers, and union representatives.

9. Communicate the policy to all employees

10. Make sure that all managers and supervisors understand their duty to provide a harassment-free work environment.

Ensure that all employees understand the policy and procedures for dealing with harassment - new and long-time employees alike - this includes training, information and education. In fact, sexual harassment,apart from being a common workplace occurrence is prevalent on the streets as well. Thus it is important that people instead of being victims or mere spectators should raise their voice against this societal evil.



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