sakshi : Empowering Girl Child

Empowering Girl Child

24 Сен 2020 в 03:49pm

Empowering Girl Child is initiative of India.Girl empowerment has been taking shape in most countries and has contributed lots in coming up with women rights.Education can make girls capable of being skilled workers and employees.

Empowering of girl child refers to the procedure of providing equal rights, opportunities, responsibilities and strength positions to girl so that they are capable to play a role on par with men in society. The organization for girl child empowerment are working for developing the social, political, and legal understanding by the procedure of mobilization.

Activities are: 

1. Life Skills sessions 
2. Academic and material support
3. Mentoring
4. Setting up Resource Centres at schools
5. Setting up Girls’ Groups for social interaction and peer support

Our aim is to provide best education and then enhance their skills by providing skill based training and development, personal development, leadership skills to the girls so that they can take decisions about their life and support themselves in the long term.


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