marierobert: My Hero Academia: The Origins of Kirishima’s Quirk

My Hero Academia: The Origins of Kirishima’s Quirk

23 Сен 2020 в 09:31am

Eijiro Kirishima is one of the most entertaining, colorful, and quirky characters on My Hero Academia. His convivial attitude makes him the center of attention in Class 1-A. Since he is an extrovert, he goes along well with every student of the class, including Bakugo, who hardly talks to anyone. But it would be wrong to presume that he was always like this. When he got into UA High School, he was just another nervous kid who wanted to prove himself. He was very uncertain if he could stand toe to toe with his classmates, who are all brilliant in their own way. The night he developed his Quirk is a testament to the conflict of his hardened exterior and his lack of confidence.

The experience of developing a Quirk is different for different people as it depends on the type of Quirk one gets and the temperament of the individual who acquires it. Since Quirks are often dangerous, the chance of a very traumatic Quirk origin experience is quite common. In the case of Eri, it was a very violent and heartbreaking event as she unknowingly wiped her father out of existence from which she never recovered emotionally. But the process can also be very satisfying and celebratory as was with Bakugo. As far as Kirishima is concerned, his experience was not like either of these two extremes. He had a very ordinary Quirk development story.

Kirishima had unexpectedly discovered his Quirk when he woke up one night. As he was going to the bathroom, he did not feel anything out of the ordinary. But when he rubbed his eyes, he unknowingly cut himself because of his Quirk. After accidentally cutting himself, he realized something was not right, and he soon understood that his Quirk gave him the ability to harden his body. He had cluelessly hardened his hand, and when he rubbed his eyes, he wound up cutting himself.

That cut he accidentally gave himself is still there as a tiny scar over his right eye. He has one of the most adorable and innocent origin Quirk stories among his classmates. It is so unlike his toughened and reckless nature, which can be seen when he fights villains. He has Shoto Todoroki to share similar facial features in class, but it’s intriguing how different they are in every other way. Horikoshi deserves all the praise he gets for developing such intricate and interesting characters that have their complexities to go with their seemingly ordinary personalities.

Although Kirishima may not be given as much attention as Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto, he is still pushing his limits to become strong enough to compete with them. The very essence of becoming a hero is to stand by others, which Kirishima naturally embodies. He can be friends with Bakugo, who hardly talks to anyone, which shows he can get along with literally anyone, even people who don’t usually like making friends. His not-so-ordinary Quirk origin story should not give anyone the false impression that he is not here to be the best. Even though Deku is destined to be the number one hero, Kirishima will undoubtedly achieve a lot of great things.


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