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How to Wall-Mount Your TV

21 Сен 2020 в 10:15am

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Mounting your TV on the wall seems like a good idea, as it will give you two major benefits. First, it will save your floor or shelf space. Second, you can lift the screen to where the whole room can easily see it achieving optimal viewing distance. Plus, wall mounting your TV will give a more modern and sleek look to your room. But this task of mounting your TV on the wall is easier said than done. It calls for a lot of calculations and balancing to make it look tidy so that the dozens of its cables are not protruding out weirdly. Also, you will have to make sure that the fittings and your TV stay secure. So, read this article for a step by step guide to get your TV up on the wall.

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What You’ll Need (Apart From a TV)

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Now obviously, your hands can’t be enough for this task. You will need to have some necessary pieces of equipment handy before starting the mounting process. Mentioned below are the major ones required.

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  • Power drill: Mere nailing with a hammer won’t help your expensively heavy TV stay up. So, you will need to use a power drill with the relevant drill bits to secure the TV on a solid wall.

  • Stud finder: It will help you locate the wooden studs that you will need to bolt your wall mount. This device will also help locate any pipes and/or wiring in a hollow wall.

  • Tape measure: To ensure that the screen sits exactly where you want it to.

  • Screwdriver: This one is a mandate. Anyways, what in the history of tech ever got fixed without a screwdriver. You will need it here to attach the mount to the back of the screen.

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What Sort of Wall-Mount Do You Need?

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Unfortunately, only a few new TVs are supplied with wall-mounts. So, if yours doesn’t come with a wall mount, you will have to buy it separately. Now, there are a few different types of wall mounts that you can choose from.

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  • Fixed:  This one mounts the TV straight to the wall, without any gap between the TV and the wall or movement of the screen.

  • Tilt: This type of mount allows a few degrees of up or down movement.

  • Motion: This one is the most flexible and allows the screen to move on an arm to angle itself in any direction, except towards the wall of course. This could be very useful for you if your room gets a lot of natural light and you want to avoid those reflections from the screen.

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Where Is Your New TV Going? and Where Will Its Cables Go?

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Before making any random holes in your wall, you need to decide where exactly you want your TV to mount. It is a good idea to use the box it came in for creating a template. All you have to do is, make a cut-out of your screen size using the box. With this cut-out, it will be very easy for you to decide where you want your TV to go, without having to lift your new, expensive, and heavy TV. Use the cut-out to draw marks on the wall.

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Once you have decided and marked the exact position of your TV, come to the cables. Your TV will have at least two main power cables and dozens of others if you are routing all your video sources through a single cable TV box or AV receiver. Now, you cannot leave all these cables hanging out of your TV just like that. You can either conceal these cables in a wired trunk or create a channel in the wall for super-neatness.

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Attaching the Mount to the Wall, and Your TV Too

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Now that you know where exactly your TV is going to go, mark the hole points, have all the pieces of equipment and the mount; it’s time to start drilling. Take the drill bit that matches the size of the mount’s bolts and screw the mount to the wall. Once done, it’s time to mount to the back of your TV. Fix the screws that came with your TV into the holes on the back of your TV.

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Now you can attach the necessary cables to the TV before joining the bracket together. Let’s move on to the most difficult part of the whole process, with the help of another person (don’t try alone) mount your TV on the wall. Once the screws at the back of your TV fit into the holes of the bracket, tighten the screws to hold it in place. This should be done with all the patience you have.

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This was all about how you can wall-mount your TV. If you are still not confident about doing it yourself, throw some money at it and call for a professional technician. This person won’t charge even a quarter of how much your TV cost.

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