travel to india: South India Tour Package

South India Tour Package

10 Сен 2020 в 11:38am

Southern a part of India is an asset of the nation that is blessed with exotic attractions where visiters visit throughout the world. The region is a delightful destination for the visitors be it nature lover, honeymooners or adventure seekers, everyone can enjoy their trip at the blessed land of India. Some of the best places of South India tourism that visitors can enjoy on their South India tour package are as follows:

Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is broadly popular for its 14th century fishing nets and they are being loved by visitors even today. Fort Kochi holds its own culture, but the attractions are influenced by various countries along with Arab, British, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese cultures. Some of the popular attractions of the vicinity are St. Francis Church, Jew Town, Mattancherry, etc. 


The "City of Palaces" Mysore is one of the best places where visitors can discover the rich culture of the city. The antigue and royal palaces have stunning architectural design and beauty that steals the heart of vacationers. Some of the famous sites that vacationers can visit are Mysore Palace, Jaganmohana Palace, Jayalakshmi Vilas and the Lalitha Mahal. 


Kerala is the most famous attraction of South India which gives enjoyable,relaxing and tranquil experience to the vacationers on its backwaters. The backwaters of the metropoilsh are made from the confluence of three attractions sights including lakes, lagoons and fresh water rivers.

Hampi, Karnataka

Tourists journeying South India must visit Hampi as it is delve into rich culture and heritage. Tourist can enjoy the dance, drama and music on the festivals that held during the month of January to April. It is a great place to discover the history of the earlier times as the ruins of Vittala Temple with the Elephant Stables seems amazing.


Being the Gateway of South, Chennai welcomes thousands of visitors every year and enables them to discover the influenced city of Hindu and colonial Christian. The temples of Triplicane and Mylapore represent the Hindu influence and churches of St. Thomas represent the Christian influence, so enjoy witnessing the evidences of past along with the visits to beaches, tall mountains, clear tropical sky and blue water. It is a fantastic place to begin the journey as well.


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