elina john: Sony Talks About the Color of PlayStation’s Alternate DualSense Controller

Sony Talks About the Color of PlayStation’s Alternate DualSense Controller

26 Авг 2020 в 08:21am

Fans and gaming enthusiasts may be all geared up and excited for the launch of PlayStation 5, but that does not deter them from cracking jokes at the upcoming console’s expense. Despite keeping tight-lipped about the new console, Sony teased the fans with revelation that the new model is to have a DualSense controller. Every other aspect related to technology and games is still held back by the company. While they may have anticipated it to be a futile titbit, but it was not the case. Fans and celebrities have somehow made keen observations from this minor announcement. People used the available dates of release and managed to deduce a possible seven-day window for the console’s launch.

One of the development team members also confirmed that Sony might be considering the provision of new customization options. In a conversation between PlayStation’s marketing lead Eric Lempel and famous tech reporter Geoff Keighley, Lempel revealed that Sony would most likely deviate towards more colors for the new console and other accessories once they are launched. He explained further by citing the issues faced in the production of existing look for release during holidays. Eric’s conversation perfectly corresponds to sources that reported issues that Sony is currently dealing with regarding PS5 production. Sony was already producing a higher number of consoles that previously decided, but it looks like they are still falling short in from the massive demand. Users took social media platforms to point at the fact that the company tends to release color options of older console models.

But not everyone was not satisfied with Lempel’s interview with Keighley. Viewers expected him to address the design and control issues in the PS5 and measures taken to avoid it in the upcoming console. Lempel also did not address people’s discontent with the PlayStation’s new look. So third parties jumped in to bridge this gap. A company has announced that they are manufacturing PS5 skins in various colors to conceal the unappealing paint job. This may be a choice for people who do not have a choice but to wait for Sony to come up with color options.

Other speculations that have been made by these reveals is that the console may hit the markets somewhere in November 2020, and its prices may be somewhere near $500. None of this is verified or official in any manner, all thanks to Sony’s successful attempt at keeping it all a secret. Let us hope Sony officially announces all details soon to satiate curiosity.

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