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Best Fluid Head Tripod Options Under $200

5 Авг 2020 в 10:49am

There are plenty of tripods in the market with varying features and prices. If you aim to capture good quality stable videos, look no further than the fluid head tripods. Fluid head tripods usually perform better than the ordinary tripods as they are based on a stabilization mechanism that is supported by a fluid chamber. These tripods do a much better job of absorbing sudden jerks and vibrations while the video is being captured. You can notice that the end output comes out to be much more stable as compared to the regular tripods. To help you in making a good tripod purchase that addresses your needs, we have compiled a list of the best fluid head tripods that you can purchase if you have a budget of $200.

Magnus VT-4000 ($159.95)

The Magnus VT-4000 is a fantastic choice for fluid head tripods. Featuring a 2-way fluid head, it enhances the smoothness of motion. The height of the tripod is adjustable; it can go from 27.6 to 59 inches when fully extended. The attached shock-absorbing spring has a 3.3-pound setting for better assistance in tilt motions. It comes with ground spikes for enhanced outdoor stabilization. For indoors, you have rubber paddings on feet that are retractable so that it doesn’t scratch delicate tiles. It has an easy to use and secure-feeling mounting mechanism for the camera base plate along with an associated plate on the top division of the tripod.

Heavy Duty Tripod By COMAN ($129.99)

If you’re looking for a professional tripod that comes at a budget, this is one of the best tripods you can buy. It has a taller height than most of its competitors. The fluid head can move a full 360 degrees if required. It also offers a vast range of vertical motion. The whole body is made up of high-quality aluminum which provides exceptional durability. It comes attached with a spreader that adds even greater stability by preventing the tripod from falling on rough areas. The mounting system is sound, offering two ¼-in and ⅜-in screws. With a price of $129.99, it has gained its spot as the best seller fluid head tripod on Amazon.

GEEKOTO Video Camera Tripod ($99.99)

This tripod is always high in demand. Though at first glance it may look compact, however, the tripod can actually expand up to 77-inches. It comes with a neat carrying case along with a shoulder strap. The build quality is quite reasonable and will last for a long time. The locking legs are made up of good quality plastic and are very secure to latch and unlatch. The center column comes with two twist locks that allow you to extend it higher.

Andoer Professional Video Tripod ($109.99)

This tripod system is tailor-made for people who travel quite often and need an on-the-go tripod system to stabilize their shots. It comes with a carry bag which is made of nylon, along with a decent shoulder strap. The fluid head can pan for a whole 360 degrees, along with quite impressive tilts of about 90 degrees. If needed, the height can be adjusted and extended up to 66-inches. The light body-weight of 8.8 pounds offers some great portability.

So these are some of the best fluid head tripod systems that you can purchase under $200. All the tripods mentioned here offer great value for their prices. Now shoot professional videos with high stability without worrying about breaking the bank.

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