rsgoldfastcom: Holland 3-0 England: Lionesses FUT Coins

Holland 3-0 England: Lionesses FUT Coins

17 Авг 2018 в 10:15am

Holland 3-0 England: Lionesses' bid for FUT Coins Women's Euro 2017... Share this article Share England are set for a top-four place in FIFA’s rankings ahead of the 2019 World Cup having been outside the top 10 when Sampson arrived in 2013.‘The players have moved this team into a different stratosphere.


Sampson said.‘Everything about this team is completely different to what it was four years ago, and hopefully everything about the game too. We are moving in the right direction but there is a hell of a lot of work to go.‘The talent base is improving all the time, it is not where we want it to be but it is improving. 


We have to go away and make decisions on how we can take the team forward.’The FA have deliberately pinned down an early World Cup qualifier at home to keep up the wave of momentum from this Euro — something they failed to do when England reached the semi-finals in Canada two years ago.


The Lionesses play Russia at Tranmere’s fifa Prenton Park on September 19. Interest in the game is up. Four million people in the UK watched England's last match on TV‘I hope the supporters will continue to get behind this England team, starting with the Russia game at Tranmer.


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