rankfeed: The Polar Shift 2012 NASA - What the Professionals Have to Claim

The Polar Shift 2012 NASA - What the Professionals Have to Claim

11 Июл 2020 в 02:50pm


What is the NASA Nibiru World X 2012 connection? To provide you with some history data on this, there are some that feel that World X is a incredible human anatomy that is on a route to overlook Earth very strongly every 3,600 years. This planet, also called Nibiru, is believed to be the reason for what some claim could be the conclusion of days in 2012. NASA has remain tightlipped and has also refuted the likelihood that this type of planet exists. If NASA is the leading reliable source for everything celestial, then why does the NASA Nibiru World X connection however occur? A lady named Nancy Lieder claims that the alien civilization called the Zetas have already been in touch with her. ICON Space Weather Satellite by NASA They actually grabbed her and implanted a conversation unit in her brain. Lieder then put a website online that gives the public usage of the messages the Zetas are giving to the Earth through Lieder.

Lieder claims that the Zetas can visit the Earth in 2012, and that the Earth can experience three separate attacks. In this NASA Nibiru World X 2012 connection, Lieder states that the first assault is likely to be just like the meteor assault that killed the dinosaurs. The next assault can cause major planet catastrophes through magnetic rod reversal, which may in itself cause common death and destruction. And the final assault is thought by Lieder to be an invasion by the Zetas that will wipe out the remaining populace that remains.

What exactly does NASA have to express in regards to the NASA Nibiru World X 2012 connection. They talk about World X far more clinically, and say that World X is a general term that is fond of any celestial human anatomy that is believed to be a planet before it is given its permanent name. This really is their description about why you can find the terminology "World X" written over repeatedly in their study over the years. For NASA , World X does not show one unique planet but alternatively several, several planets and most have because been given other names. NASA more claims that there is perhaps not a mysterious planet going towards mine on a 3,600 year route.

Still others believe that there is a NASA Nibiru World X 2012 connection, and this really is that NASA and the government have taken steps to cover up their clinical evidence. Several feel that the consequences of Nibiru, or World X, coming near to the Earth is likely to be only disastrous to the planet and that NASA and the government know this. They realize that they're hopeless to complete any such thing to protect the planet, and similarly wouldn't be able to get a handle on the common mayhem and stress that will ensue if they supported these claims. Ergo, people believe they are protecting up the truth. You should decide for yourself that which you believe to be true. If you believe the conclusion is coming near as well as that common catastrophe might be a consequence of such activities as described here, take steps to organize yourself through fundamental survival techniques and preparations.


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