Kingang: Everything Is Possible But It Will Be Pointless

Everything Is Possible But It Will Be Pointless

11 Июл 2020 в 10:34am

Why would you settle for this? EA has been touted for its"first step of advancement" by each gaming critic and review site for the last decade. We are well beyond them needing to make the fans to support. If Mut 21 coins for sale they want people to purchase a"new" game for full cost they will need to put the effort in to make it a new game, maybe not last year's with a fresh skin of paint and a couple of minor changes in our favourite game mode. That type of settling is what EA thrives off because they say players like you are satisfied with what they have done and then do the minimum amount of work. Fuck that. Overhaul Madden NFL 21 and place in their own lives.

I felt the factor abilities was a fantastic touch. It is adds character and let us have their very own type of play that Madden NFL lacked. Sure some are OP and others are worthless but that imo was a good addition. Madden NFL 21 requires immersion in the franchise style however. It requires player grip outs and contract requirements, incentive based contracts, front and rear loaded contracts, being in a position to extend players before their contract is up, brand new voice lines for the draft and gameplay, better stat recording (preceding teams players were on, documents as a rookie for QBs, super bowl winning groups annually ), pre draft interviews and character types for draft prospects, actual consequences for different player personalities.

Feuds and rivalries group building AI, better AI, better CPU depth graph AI, offensive and defensive coordinators that actual offer some depth in mentor personality types and standing valuations. Every one of these things would make franchise mode 100x better by themselves, perhaps not touching Madden NFL 21play related improvements which could be produced like greater o line blocking, real physics rather than this faux physics cartoon shit (190 pound corner struck adhering a 240 lb running back for a fumble anyone?), QB read progression unique to distinct QB styles and personalities (does the cause happy attribute, oblivious sense anxiety.

Or induce passes trait do anything) All of this could probably occur within a 3-4 year but instead EA likes to shore off of MUT and roll up the remainder of Madden NFL 21 out afterwards maybe 3 weeks of graphic improvement and a brand new gimmicky game style (draft winners anyone?) While they allow one dickhead cowboys enthusiast decide the evaluations of over 1000 NFL players with no sort of supervision or reality.

This YouTuber posted all the questions that was asked and the replies in written form in the end of his movie. Anyways, EA is lazy...end of story. You're right. Together with 2k's foot back in the door, hopefully EA will step their game up. From what I hear that they had to work fairly heard to find the contract revived this season despite the premise the NFL would not think. I thought they'd step their game up this year understanding the license was coming up. I was amazed when I heard that the owner's wanted to start the contract up too. I was devastated when I discovered they did not. I need a franchise style that is good again. That's literally all I care about.Besides making people mad, what exactly does the event do? The world doesnt have to cancel and stop. Sony therefore are more popular in EU and Asia and isnt an buy Madden 21 coins american compagny. Lets end that everything must pander to the United States. Cancelling a gambling event isnt gonna fix the matter in any way. The purpose of an event such as this is advertising. They need it to be heard about by millions of people. If there is a news event happening which prevents your statement from making the front page of news sites and trending on twitter, then you might be losing out on attention you'd get by delaying for a week.


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