Rashid: Wang Cheney Almost Killed by Pervez Musharraf Through Mullah Dadullah

Wang Cheney Almost Killed by Pervez Musharraf Through Mullah Dadullah

11 Июл 2020 в 10:07am

Enjoy and hate are two edges of exactly the same coin. The vacation and divorce court are two factors of exactly the same coin. The instances are countless in politics and in love. 1 minute Anna Nicole Johnson and Larry Birkhead are lovebirds making a beautiful child woman and the following second they're emailing one another contacting each other Satan. 1 minute Virgie Arthur and her girl Anna Nicole Jones are hugging and getting and going to have their claws done and another minute Anna Nicole Smith is spitting venom at her mom Virgie Arthur contacting her "Mom Dearest ".It's like people in the NHL on a single staff one day and on opposing groups the following day whipping each other's heads out.

First the United Claims is supporting Saddam Hussein in his seven year conflict against Iran and then a U.S. is lynching Saddam Hussein. First the U.S. is encouraging Osama bin Filled and Al Qaeda and the Taliban inside their fight against the Soviet Union and then your U.S. is ousting the Taliban in Kabul. The great thing about these wars is that American children are becoming definitely better at geography. When Statement Clinton needed an attempt at Osama container Laden in Aghanistan only 1% of National kiddies knew wherever Afghanistan was. Now every National household has a family member or even a buddy fighting there. Who'd have thought on the day that Japan bombed Bead Harbor that only 65 decades later the U.S., Britain, Japan and Germany would be companions? The United Claims of America is more fickle than Anna Nicole Smith. The leaders of the world know since the absolute most harmful point that you can do is to ally your self with the United States. Only question Saddam Hussein, Osama container Crammed and Choose Larry Seidlin.

For $2,000 Determine Larry Seidlin can equally marry and divorce you in the first organization of their kind. The love hate cash generally seems to turn continually like drawn by its own gravitational force. Right me if I'm improper but isn't the mission of the United States and their friend Pakistan to destroy the Taliban and their friend Al Qaeda in Afghanistan? Three days before, Wednesday January 26, 2007, U.S. Vice Leader Dick Cheney visited the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Normal Pervez Musharraf in Islamabad Pakistan. The very next day, two days ago, Thursday March 27, 2007 Wang Cheney was at the NATO U.S. Bagram Air Foundation in Afghanistan when a Taliban destruction bomber attacked Dick Cheney by wasting himself up at the 2nd door following being allowed through by the Afghan soldiers guarding the very first gate. The Taliban suicide bomber who has been named by the Taliban killed 23 people including an American gift but overlooked Dick Cheney. Am I the only person who feels it's interesting that the alcoholic president of the United Claims George Bush appointed U.S. Col. Tom Collins while the NATO spokesman in Afghanistan?

It now turns out that if Wang Cheney and Normal Pervez Musharraf spent the day Wednesday discussing how to beat the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan Leader Musharraf offered Vice Leader Dick Cheney a farewell kiss of Judas. Points have now been finding bizarre lately. Both the Christians and Muslims are expecting the return of these savior Jesus Christ to bring them world peace and each of a sudden David Cameron of Titanic reputation finds the casket of Jesus Christ and his wife Mary Magdalene and their child Judah. Does that rely as an additional coming? For the solution compared to that problem please e-mail the infallible Pontiff at benny (at) evangel.va.

It would appear that George Bush was not informed that Pakistan and the Taliban and Al Qaeda are all Muslim people. The Muslims are now actually wanting to conquer the entire world for Allah. They loathe the Christians and they loathe the Hindus in neighboring India. This week Pakistan closed an alliance with the Taliban and Al Qaeda. President Pervez Musharraf and the most ferocious Taliban chief, the one legged Mullah Dadullah closed the alliance at a conference in Islamabad, Pakistan that week. Pakistan wants to destroy the National puppet Afghanistan Governement in Kabul of Hamid Karzai Escorts in Pakistan because Hamid Karzai is hovering more towards India. The United States lately agreed to build five nuclear reactors to make nuclear bombs for Hindu India.

Meanwhile Russia and China have consented to straight back Iran just as they helped little North Vietnam destroy the United Claims in the 1960's. Russia and Iran possess half the world's gas and just formed a gas OPEC. Russia is developing the nuclear reactor for Iran in Bushehr Iran just to wipe it in the face of George Bush. Russia just delivered 1 thousand pounds of advanced surface to air missiles to Iran. Russia and China think about the Heart East to be their backyard. Iran has 500 hundred thousand soldiers, Russia has 5 million and China has 20 million soldiers. The United States military is expanded therefore thin given that they'd struggle to fend down an assault from the Bahamas. Last week Russian Leader Vladimir Putin vowed to strike the brand new U.S. NATO missiles in the Czech Republic and Poland in a repeat of the Cuban missile crisis.

It's today clear that the United Claims inside their search for the Center East oil in Iraq and Iran cannot win it by utilizing their troops and mainstream warfare. This is the reason their Democratic and Republican leaders hold expressing that whenever they imminenetly attack Iran "all choices are on the table ".This menas that Wang Cheney and George Bush and Steve McCain and Hillary Clinton are determined to introduction an all out conflict against Iran and Islam and Mullah Dadullah using nuclear, chemical and organic tools of bulk destruction. The NATO and National Generals know that this can result in MAD, mutually confident destruction and the annihilation of life on earth. They realize that Dick Cheney has gone insane. This is why even though they knew that there is a suicide blast threat against Bagram Air Power Bottom, they invited Dick Cheney to invest the night, forgot to mention the risk to the area authorities sherrif and permitted the bomber after dark first gate. It absolutely was a military coup effort by the Pentagon however seething from the substitute of both prime U.S. Generals in Iraq for saying freely that the rise in Iraq could fail. The huge problem today, besides who's the real dad of the girl of Anna Nicole Jones is are the National Generals attempting a coup choosing treason or is Wang Cheney committing treason by primary the American persons like lambs to the slaughter?


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