ftjfj: The struggle to keep India's Covid-19 patients breathing

The struggle to keep India's Covid-19 patients breathing

11 Июл 2020 в 09:46am


Infections were surging in Maharashtra state, where the 934-bed Kasturba Hospital is located in Sevagram village, some 50 miles south of the city of Nagpur. The busy not-for-profit hospital   เช็คผลบอลสด was already getting a million patient visits every year. Most of the Covid beds - including the 30 in critical care - needed piped oxygen supply. Over the next few weeks, the hospital spent $40,000 (£32,000), to connect a bank of cylinders to the new beds using copper pipes.

"It was a huge challenge," Dr SP Kalantri, medical superintendent of the hospital, told me. "Ideally you'd need to plan and execute well ahead to create additional beds with access to piped oxygen. Oxygen is the key to survival for coronavirus patients."

Some 15% of Covid-19 patients see rapid lung failure and require help with breathing, according to the World บ้านผลบอล7m  Health Organisation (WHO). Some patients appear in no evident respiratory distress, but are found to have dangerously low oxygen levels - a condition called silent hypoxia. A fraction of critically ill patients require a ventilator.


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