MMOexpsitefans: Camp areas the of WOW Classic

Camp areas the of WOW Classic

11 Июл 2020 в 06:58am

This is a load of bullshit. I had been classic wow gold in one of the 15 guilds which moved off incendius. Here is the actual story. Horde have no choice to camp areas the of WOW Classic because our av queues are literally 3 hours. In order to compete, As other people on your own server world pvp involving queues, you are forced to. Alliance don't comprehend this concept and only assume we're griefing 24/7 (though some do, such as the morons in that ). So alliance start showing up in BRM more and planet pvp occurs. You began to find a lot of messages such as"do alliance not realize they have instant battleground queues?" And so horde thought those alliance proved just dumb and didn't know how to correctly rank.

One week on Wednesday at 8 server, we begin discovering that alliance are always congregated near the ubrs portal.,"are they searching for jed?","are they just waiting to rally before entering bwl? They are wasting so much time on their fans lol" are things you would hear in world chat or guild voice conversation. Nobody really knew what they do. Alliance love to sit and wait for HOURS. A Hunter is probably paid for by them clear and then funnel three raid groups through one ID. My guild has waited and they just sit there doing nothing. So we assumed"that they Have to Be doing exactly what they do there, simply being slow to Begin their raid"

My guild was blessed because we had the very best summoning place on the host and could just observe via spyglass while. We started noticing a raid from fusion and dz would appear at 8pm and stay for HOURS. We thought,"is that some new honour farming meta?" Many replies were troll-y but the one who did talk to us said they are doing so as opposed to yang gang and that and what not. Those guilds include no life idiots so pretty much 12 of the 15 other leading guilds produced the reasonable request of"we don't have any qualms with you, do not take this out on us", to which they replied'deal with it' or'this is for stage 2' (that is bullshit by the way because alliance literally possessed Dire Maul's entry in phase 2). So we had to wait till DZ/Fusion distracted for us or would get baited and from position to move out. We were able to get to the orb every week with buffs with just a handful of stragglers. We would have to wait 30+ minutes though for you men to eventually move in the balcony.

Weeks pass. It seems like mix now brings a full 40 on time every week and they are no more playing around. They NEVER move. Attempting to approach leads into a death wall of aoe. Some horde guilds move the back way and presumably die. Alliance are no more interested in fighting fair. They have a choke point secured that them can break. It's no more about skill or honor of who's the guild that is better. It we have more people than you personally, we have time we are not going best place to wow gold to allow you to pass. Respect for these alliance guilds goes down the drain. Our guild, even though our summoning spot, does not have any way into the hallway and therefore were forced to do mc first for the very first time. Very nobody died to fusion or dz.


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