Judi B Rosy: Taiwan - A Mix of New and Old

Taiwan - A Mix of New and Old

10 Июл 2020 в 11:51pm

Taiwan is one of the independent provinces of China that is well known for wonderful infrastructure and industrialization. Very few people fail to see this island as a unique vacation destination. This island boasts of exotic beaches, natural features like mountains and wonderful vegetation. Taiwan is mostly densely populated in the cities along the south coast. Some of the places you need to ensure that you visit as a tourist in Taiwan are listed in detail below.

The first place you are likely to visit in Taiwan is Taipei, its capital city. This city is home to some of the ancient temples, monuments and museums for you to view. The National Palace Museum in this city boasts of a wonderful collection of ancient Chinese artifacts. The largest jade market the world over is found in this city. This market which is commonly referred to as Chian Kuo has close to a thousand sellers dealing with different kinds of merchandise - 團體服製作. Another point of this beautiful part of this city you wouldn't want to miss is the Snake Alley. Here you will find numerous stalls of fortune-tellers, fruit-sellers, tattoo parlors and restaurants offering rare delicacies like snake blood and bile. Another visible attraction of this city is Taipei 101, a skyscraper with 106 floors. The building has five underground floors and 101 floors above ground hence its name. It is designed to withstand both typhoon and earthquakes. Finally we have the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall which has a unique architecture.


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