Judi B Rosy: Comparative Study Between CDN, Cloud and Common Website Hosting

Comparative Study Between CDN, Cloud and Common Website Hosting

10 Июл 2020 в 11:25pm

CDN Service

Content Delivery Network, in short, called as CDN. In CDN system, servers get installed in different data centers throughout the internet. In simple words, CDN service depends on multiple data centers. It gives reach to your client via the nearest node. CDN service increases the speed of the website in a great way.

Cloud Hosting

On the other hand, synchronized communication system connects many numbers of servers and forms the basis of cloud hosting. Multiple servers support website data and hence any single server goes down might not affect your site connectivity.

Connection between Cloud and CDN regarding their performance

CDN service delivers static contents for your web from the nearest node. CDN opted only for storage and not for web services. Upon receiving a web request, CDN will communicate with the database and the source server. You can access files from the nearest network. Hence website performances solely rely on the web server at the source.

But, the scalability feature of Cloud hosting enables you to add or delete resources on the move. The performance of the cloud gets number one ranking as many types of the equipment support the functioning. Easy to troubleshoot any problem - domain registration. Users have complete control over usage data. Pay by use option helps you to plan accordingly.

CDN service does not decide on the performance. Cloud performance directly depends on its hosting services.



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