ylq: is nothing to be lackin

is nothing to be lackin

10 Июл 2020 в 03:46pm

Today I will introduce you to a duty-paid version of the hard platinum Marlboro cigarette produced in Hungary. This cigarette is similar to the tax-paid versions of Spain and Portugal, the duty-free versions of Italy [url=smokingusacigarettes.com]mokingusacigarettes.com[/url], France, and the European versions of hard platinum and hard gold (new platinum). The degree is really high. Except for the type that is not a compact filter, almost all can be classified as the same style. In terms of price, Spain and Portugal, as well as the three tax-paid versions of Hungary in this article, are higher than the European tax-free series. And the price of duty-free hard platinum like Italy and France is higher than the ordinary European duty-free version. In terms of comprehensive price-performance ratio [url=vipusacigarettes.com]Cigarettes Online[/url], the duty-free European version of hard platinum and the new version of hard gold are fine. 1. Introduction of Marlboro Hard Platinum Appearance From the overall packaging design of the cigarette case, it is also the model of the new European series of ten thousand standards. The upper left text of the tax mark refers to the prohibition of selling cigarettes to minors. The lower text is the specific address of the Philip Morris Group's tobacco factory in Hungary, located somewhere in the capital Budapest. On the tipping paper, next to the gold, there is an off-white triangle sign. The upper part of the right side of the cigarette case is also printed with a platinum LOGO. 2. The symptoms of Marlboro's hard platinum taste are reflected in other versions of European tax and European platinum exemption. After spitting out the smoke [url=webvipsmoking.com]Online Cigarettes[/url], aftertaste the lips and teeth, the fresh touch was immediately released. This feeling is not exclusive to me, but I do not particularly like it. It is still original, pure blended tobacco, with a slightly bitter odor, only to my mouth, I think that is the true essence of Bai Wan. Swallowing into the lungs, there is nothing to be lacking and inappropriate in the whole process.
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