peter: how is a vps server

how is a vps server

10 Июл 2020 в 02:16pm

VPS (Virtual private server) is a solution that allows you to have a 100% dedicated server, but in a virtual format. A VPS server is an intermediate point in costs between the shared hosting service and acquiring a dedicated server and due to its isolated nature, the VPS servers have become effective solutions to run applications, as a mail server, as a database server, as file servers, accounting servers or as a development servidores vps.

How does it work?
A vps server behaves the same as a dedicated server, it has a dedicated ip and runs with its own copy of the operating system, the clients have total access level and therefore, they can install any type of software and manage it with total freedom. They can also be configured with custom settings to perform tasks that would not be possible in a Shared Hosting.

Advantages of VPS:
- Security. Only you use your VPS server
- Scalability. Allows you to scale them up if you need more resources.
- Fast recovery. It is easier to restore the service in a VPS than in a physical server.

Recommended uses:
- When a Hosting becomes small and it is no longer possible to continue in a shared scenario.
- When more speed and isolation is required
- When running applications is required
- When you need to run multiple domains etc.


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