reavenusvotqs: the Hudson comes from the Remborde straps collection

the Hudson comes from the Remborde straps collection

10 Июл 2020 в 12:04pm

"With an RIOS1931 watch band[canvas apple watch band], you are giving your watch a touch of the original in a globe of mass production and also ever before much more harmony".

This is an essence from Rios1931's brochure and we couldn't agree extra. Rios1931 supplies high-quality items as well as we are proud to have their items in our collection.

In this short article we take a closer seek to the version Hudson Genuine Suede Calf Bone Leather.

The Hudson model is made from rustic Suede Calf bone Leather and it is qualified by minimalist stitch hand seamed from within. The leather is anti-allergic and also skin-friendly to make certain the maximum comfort. Exceptional as a sporty strap.

Handmade created, the Hudson comes from the Remborde straps collection. Also known advertisement full-bugg, Remborde is a manufacturing process that includes roughly 140 action in which the upper layer is securely glued to a lining leather with a stratum of cotton fleece to avoid intro of bacteria in between the layers. Lastly, the strap[samsung gear s3 bands] is sewn and after that refined to soften the leather.

Rios1931 not only purpose to supply high-grade products, they likewise have dedication for the environment. Acquiring Rios1931 product implies that leather are certified with security of species policies, bought under the stipulations of the Washington Conservation Agreement. All the compounds used are natural licensed and for that reason harmless.


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