limei: wow classic gold does nevertheless have communities

wow classic gold does nevertheless have communities

8 Июл 2020 в 05:16am

wow classic gold does nevertheless have communities, the good ones are only super hard to get into, and understandably so - if you do not allow it to be super hard to enter your community... you will just get a lot of asocial ego fuckers. 

You have to wade through that endless swamp of trash guilds to maybe eventually find the one that perfectly fits you. However, like I said, that's a huge job, super frustrating and super time consuming, something many men and women are simply not willing to do - so they remain in their asocial solo participant bubble since...

It is just simpler. The neighborhood won't ever be able to change that - if Blizzard doesn't induce people to prevent being asocial they will never be societal. WOW Classic is btw no different in that regard. People will dismiss you as readily as on Retail, although you may not own a bunch finder or whatever. You'll require a proper guild there also or you'll just be in a 200 guy leveling guild without having played with any of those individuals.

No, it is not"cheap classic wow gold neighborhood" whatsoever. It has nothing to do with WoW. It's the fact that instances changed and we are not in 2005 anymore. People/WOW players have experienced a multitude of (other) games throughout the previous 15 decades and also the MMO genre isn't as strong as it was in the past.


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