limei: Currently working from buy Madden 20 coins

Currently working from buy Madden 20 coins

1 Июл 2020 в 05:17am

 At the close of the Mut 20 coins day that they will not do it each year since they can charge for a new game and we will happily pay for it. In terms of mut they could either do a multi-year cycle or reset mut whenever they upgrade the rosters, certainly not something which will be holding them back from doing so.

I think if they only released a new game every couple of years we would see a better product, and they might launch the MUT in years without a game when they wanted to help their profit margins. Yeah that could be my perfect but there is no way in hell. They know that people want to play their group's actual roster (not too much in MUT except for theme teams), and that folks are willing to buy a new game just to have all the new players their team picked up.

I had a look back two decades to the sum of content that is weekly we got. Miles different. Individuals were complaining then although we did go 8 months involving promos at the same point. Still we'd content releases every 2 days or so. 

The issue with this is a few things the devs are working on M21. Studio is closed, people are currently working from buy Madden 20 coins home and it makes it tougher to implement big changes what was already planned. So that's likely where there was not anything such as solos for a GT or raised HR, etc.. All this stuff is set up ahead and primarily since the group is centered on No. 1, then the M20 material gets put on a really back burner.


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