Henry Davidson: Donna Paris

Donna Paris

29 Июн 2020 в 03:55pm

I was fed up with the fast food atmosphere of the massage parlors. I wanted to strike alone. I was like everyone who wanted to work as a freelancer. I wanted control, freedom and independence. I wanted to be my own boss. The sex boss.
I suspect that when most sex workers get discouraged from their job, they either suck it up or quit. But there was enough that I liked about finding a business model that worked for me.
So the first step was to research how I could create a career path. However, in my early 20s, society wasn't as sexually positive as it is now. There were no books on how to become a sex worker. There have not yet been any blogs on the subject; Sexy girls in Paris It was before sharing your most intimate online experiences really got big. No YouTube videos that describe the intricate details of starting an escort business.
I wanted to be my own boss. The sex boss.
I started out before social media grew up. It was basically a world of relative privacy. There was no free flow of illegal information.
So I first called some of the numbers on the backpage of our local weekly newspaper, which had given me an initial entry into this world of sex work via an advertisement for the massage parlor. I thought long and hard about how I wanted to do my pitch - I didn't want to appear like a customer who wanted to have sex, even though I was willing to pay the hourly rate to get the information I needed.
The first couple I called had a pre-recorded message directing me to websites with various details.The websites were remarkably standardized. There were two types. An escort agency website or a personal website from an escort. I was not interested in the escort agency because I wanted to get out of employee mode and develop my own business, not want to be the boss of others. So I focused on those with freelancers the way I wanted to be.
One was at SexyTimesbyAlexis.Com and she had a slideshow with moderately sexy pictures of herself and a short video in which she sat on a couch and introduced herself. She was wearing casual clothes in the video and it seemed like sex wasn't being publicly advertised on her side.
She was pretty humble in the slideshow, just slightly sexy poses and outfits. It was almost a kind of dating profile, with even a FAQ that revealed their favorite animal species and their favorite vacation spot.I tried to skip the first consultation once and felt insecure when I met the man I had never met in a hotel before. So I made sure not to do that again. Initial consultations in public spaces were mandatory.
I had now planned a business model and the first consultations. When I look back, I am amazed at my confidence and courage. I felt remarkably comfortable doing something completely outside the mainstream. But after she was a math nerd who had recently completed an engineering degree, sex work was exhilarating.
I had a plan. I didn't go in half excited.


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