Ellenpi: Learn About RuneScape's Latest Patch Kalphite King

Learn About RuneScape's Latest Patch Kalphite King

29 Июн 2020 в 05:48am

Some minor changes to Kalphite King are outlined in the latest patch notes of RuneScape. If you want to know the details of the changes, you can continue to read. Get more about Runescape news, you can follow our store and Buy Runescape Gold, which will be very helpful for your game experience.

After this update, when you battle the King of Kalfitt, it looks like the passive effects on the bow of the demon hunter, Trasol's mallet, and the magistrate's staff can work normally. I hope this will ease your fight. Added Quick chat option for War Mark.
Now, in the "Player-owned Farm" tutorial, you will get five parts of fruity mushy food.
The beads of the dead are no longer always lost at death. Now you can open the Bank chest at Lumbridge Market from any direction. You can no longer arrange past clan activities. Players can now carry out raids and escapes in clan castles.

The patch notes also bring a large number of fixes, including:

Fixed an issue where the regenerative ability may be queued even when the player's adrenaline is 0, which caused the ability to remain in the queue indefinitely.
Fixed holes present in Ariane's robe (legs) in certain animations.
Fixed an issue that caused Jessica to stretch in the cutscenes in "Eye of the Void".
Fixed floating tiles in the craftsman's studio.
Fixed an issue that caused various levels of cooking wizard gloves to stretch when using lucky coins.

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