MMOexpsitefans: Blizzard had years upon years to downsize

Blizzard had years upon years to downsize

28 Июн 2020 в 06:10am

My response is, why does wow gold matter if they're the exact same thing? By calling out Activision, they're calling out Blizzard. By calling out Blizzard, you're calling out Activision what's the purpose? All you are doing is senselessly putting down people and insulting their memories and adventures.

People act like"the actual Blizzard" is still in there, like a mind-controlled personality in a Saturday morning animation, fighting for control against their evil master Activision. As though they'll snap out of it if we just stick with them and they will go back to being our friend. This"Blizzard" is lifeless and people need to realize that the people/culture they enjoyed are long gone. This false distinction just gives cover bad practices by appealing to this (justified but unhelpful) nostalgia.

I don't think this is perfect. Blizzard had years upon years to downsize and cut customer care and quality assurance, but just with Activision failed the giant wave of layoffs hit once merging. Earlier this point, it was far more likely that customer support would be an authentic human being who would speak with you like they just fell in for a chat. The dumb name of a guy was reported by me at one point along with the GM and I spoke about crossbow mechanisms for like 10 minutes. Another time, a GM left my spouse a chocolate cake that was full-on because she said that it was her birthday. I really don't expect you'll understand if you weren't playing Blizzard games but they were your friend, and it is painful seeing them return like this.

Blizzard GMs were crap even back then. I think people are looking at this with brightly coloured glasses. Social networking was a growing theory in the early 00's (Facebook was still university emails just ), therefore several of these very same issues were just buried without folks ever knowing about it. I recall trying WoW in 2005. After a couple weeks, my guild and I decided we did not care for it and guessed since we weren't likely to be playing we all would get banned. Until we decided to just Z-axis hack and fly around inside Ironforge we did outlandish things. No bans. We reported each other, and we decided to cover individuals gold. No bans. Ahead of most of us gave up, we did this for days. One guild member got despite hacking on more than one event and eventually stuck with it.

I'm sure there were lots of cool GMs giving folks birthday cakes and these, and I remember having a wonderful conversation to buy classic gold with one who caught me running a fishing bot (no ban or suspension), but bad enforcement has always been a problem with Blizzard. This isn't to excuse their behaviour. I refuse to purchase some Blizzard games but I think that if we take off the glasses it becomes apparent that they were not as great at customer service as we envision. They made good games, which made a lot is forgiven by us.


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