Smith Carlos: Sea of Thieves Update Brings Ghostly Ships, New Weapons, and Rewards

Sea of Thieves Update Brings Ghostly Ships, New Weapons, and Rewards

18 Июн 2020 в 12:37pm

A brand new free update has been recently released by Rare for pirate sandbox Sea of Thieves, under the name of Haunted Shores. With this update, there will be another NPC ship battle in the sea in the form of spectral ghost ships. These won’t just be normal ships but will have a bunch of powerful cannonballs and mines. Alongside, these fragile but deadly ships defend Captain Flameheart, aboard the Burning Blade flagship. An encounter with them can let players earn cosmetic rewards and special damned treasure.


Players now will have two ways of entering into the battle against the ghost fleet. The first way is by seeing a cloud in the shape of the skull of Caption Flameheart in the skies. If it happens this would mean that he is soon going to attack the island and the players can defend it from his armada. The second way is by being on level 25 or above with the Order of Souls so that players can buy a voyage and find a ghost fleet they would want to stop. Anyone can pay for the voyage from Duke, for the period of the Haunted Shore event. This will allow every pirate to accept a crack at the battle.

Not just extra voyages, but the ghost ships are so much more powerful than the other skeleton and predecessor ships. Ghost ships can shoot ghouls at the enemy ships. Also, the loot of the ghost ships is very dominant. They have cursed cannonballs which are way stronger than the usual cannonballs.

Apart from big significant additions, this update will also have some small fun add ons. Now, there will be a batch of new shanties in the game and each crew can choose what they want to play. This will have no impact on the game and the shanty will be under the control of the crew. Players will now have a much upgraded and improved communication wheel with which accessing and sending of context-sensitive texts will be easy. With the wheel, players can now make important message lines like, “I see a ship” or “We need repairs”. More such options have been added to the game so that players can communicate easily even without live voice chat.

Haunted Shores can be now found live in Sea of Thieves, but the creators have planned to keep the ghost ships in the game even after the event as a persistent challenge.

Smith is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.



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