Nanlina: I said I wouldn't mention gameplay but I must say EA generally has been skating together their NFL

I said I wouldn't mention gameplay but I must say EA generally has been skating together their NFL

5 Июн 2020 в 05:46am

The trick is to make them see it like that. I love Madden NFL, defects and all, but am realistic enough to accept that EA is only going to implement improvements if they will benefit.It's crazy to Madden nfl 21 coins me that they don't recognize by now that when the neighborhood has been cared for more, given honest pack odds and rewards more people might not sense spited and feel as that they have to rely on third party sites for coins. Lets hope they see this and give Madden NFL some real love instead of little bandages year to year with only minor improvements.

I concur. What they've done with #stayandplay is how it ought to be in regular times. MUT makes them money even in its current condition that they have little incentive to modify. They can continue to give absurd bunch odds and Madden NFL players will still spend thousands on them.Sad but true reality, it's like a mobile games monetization approach they understand no matter what the whales will spend regardless of what and sometimes the whales are about YouTube opening tens of thousands of dollars in packs within 2 months, kids and even some adults see this think it is a standard thing and buy what they can it's a crazy cycle. I can't really knock out a a content creator for generating content so it.

I said I wouldn't mention gameplay but I must say EA generally has been skating together their NFL monopoly putting bandages on top of old busted code in Madden NFLplay and ever since the move to frostbite things continue getting buggier and buggier, it is like the worst kept secret which at its heart Madden has horrible gameplay in-game, but they do a pretty decent job with content in MUT to keep matters interesting so people frequently just put up with awful gameplay since they are lovers soccer or the NFL in general and this the sole option for them.

Enjoy of the ideas the group captain/master Madden NFL players. They should be specific to whatever starter team you select at the beginning. Would make it fair across the board since now certain theme teams are getting captains/Masters' benefit. Agreed with all the masters. So tired of seeing Tilman, Holt, and even Shaz. Fuck 99 spd pounds. Lbs with this kind of rate are overly annoying and unrealistic. A practice mode should be introduced by them. I'd love to be able to tinker with my group in a practice setting.

I think TTs have to be boosted. Rather there'll be quite high cards that call for a chem boosts to reach high grade. They should bring in new chems besides subject team such as faculty, division, and possibly even positional chems.I believe they will need to completely redo Legends. No, Jessie Tuggle and Darnell Dockett aren't legends which should be on exactly the same grade as Brian Urlacher and Alan Page. Only give me dozens of Madden NFL players on the Dockett tier and call them throwbacks. That would be a lot of fun. Believe EA needs to invest into getting the rights to Buy Madden 21 coins more and more retired Madden NFL players who would give a huge nostalgia kick. Save legends to the Hall of Famers.



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