tonghuan: Madden 20 Sim: Otto Graham Leads Browns to Overtime Triumph Over Steelers Legends

Madden 20 Sim: Otto Graham Leads Browns to Overtime Triumph Over Steelers Legends

3 Июн 2020 в 05:51am

There is no better opponent in the NFL than Browns / Steers. The rusty opponent is the theme of our latest Madden 20 sim, along with Brown, equipped with Hall of Fame members Jim Brown, Otto Graham and Ozzie Newsome, and received one including Franco Harris A large roster of historical giants. The function of MUT Coins is to allow you to acquire the special skills of these superstars in madden.

Hope you can join our Saturday Sims at 1pm EST, which caused our nail tingling to last for a few seconds. Sixty minutes is not enough to resolve this AFC North grudge match, because the Browns need to work overtime to win a 23-20 victory. Graham became the Brown's offensive catalyst, defeating the Steelers' high school players with a 415-yard pass code, giving him the best career result of 401 in 1952.

Pittsburgh tightly grasped Jim Brown, who tried 18 quick offenses, a frustrating 33 yards, Cleveland needed the signboard game of the franchise signal issuer, and the boy did. Graham (Graham) was sent to Newsom, Josh Gordon, Odell Beckham (Paul Warfield) (Paul Warfield) and Paul Warfield (Paul Warfield) in the chasing team, went all out and effortlessly eliminated the 14-point deficit in the fourth quarter.

Pittsburgh's bragging "steel curtain" defense ability is no different from Graham and his later heroes. Gordon is still the youngest player ever, leading the National Football League (NFL) in receiving yards. He scored a four-yard touchdown pass at 10:04 in the final stage, and the Steelers ’ The lead was cut to seven, and he redeemed himself for the earlier mistake. Baylor's alum was the target of Graham's second quarter sinking, but Rod Woodson skipped the route and snatched the Steelers' eight-yard line for interception.

Speaking of the redemption arc, Warfield was robbed by Hall of Fame safety Donnie Shell in the third quarter and cost the Browns a price, but he touched the ball with a 53: 6 score to make Everything went smoothly. Warfield contributed 11 receptions, creating a career-best 213 yards, only one hand was needed to capture Graham ’s momentum change deep bomb, and Gary Anderson broke 57 yards After his shooting percentage, the Steelers were pushed to the climax in just two games. Leads to 10. Anderson's kick is enough, but he can't find something upright.

Despite the collapse of Pittsburgh in the fourth quarter, after Lynn Swann knocked down the chain for the first time in an eight-yard strike by Ben Roethlisberger, the Pittsburgh victory looked good (He unexpectedly won the opening of Super Bowl MVP Terry Bradshaw twice) at the beginning of overtime. This allowed the Steelers to start on the Browns ’seven-yard line, but when Rob Burnett met Rosliberg after the melee line, their hopes for a touchdown disappeared and Big Ben was at The second game lost seven yards. The Steelers will eventually settle for the goal on the ground, which gives them the opportunity to push Cleveland away once and for all.

After overcoming this fear, the Browns made a beautiful return, claiming that Dawson won by 29 yards, with 5:10 remaining in overtime. Newsome took on the important task, providing a 26-yard catch on the third and 13th holes, allowing Cleveland to move on, and then difficult to grab the opponent on the 12-yard sideline, putting the Browns in a good position. Dawson 'S range. Do you want to be reborn in a desperate situation? Want to win the game? Now Buy MUT 20 Coins can get the same skills as the stars, allowing you to shine throughout the game.


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